A Quick Guide to Freelance Writing Success

freelance writing success

Everyone who enters the realm of freelance writing goes into it with the idea of being successful. Some may think it’s as easy as pie. Others may think it will take time. Seasoned freelance writers will know that the latter group is more accurate.

While there is no step-by-step foolproof guide applicable to all writers that will lead to freelance writing success, there are certain principles, which, if followed, can help new freelancers reach their goals. Even experienced writers who want to become more successful in their chosen field can benefit from these principles.

Essay Tigers have gathered some data related to the freelance writing niche and created a quick guide for this purpose.

The infographic covers a lot of ground, starting with some statistics about who freelancers are, how many freelancers there are, and so on.

They then give actionable pointers that can lead to freelance writing success. Here’s a summary of the main points.

  1. How you start – your mindset
  2. Getting jobs – best practices
  3. Building a business – taxes, paperwork, etc.

There are very specific tips in the graphic that will point the way for new writers. For writers who have been freelancing for a while, the graphic can be a good tool to get you back on the right track and regain your focus.

Here is the quick guide to freelancing success.

freelance writing success

Infographic source

Back to you

Are you new to freelance writing? What have you learned from this infographic? Do you think the pointers will be useful to you?

Are you an experienced freelance writer? Do you think the infographic offers useful pointers, or do you have other “ways” to freelance writing success?

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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  1. Tobi Avatar

    Thanks for the tips noemi, the principle will help me in my writting carrer as a beginner freelancer.

    1. Noemi Tasarra-Twigg Avatar
      Noemi Tasarra-Twigg

      My pleasure, Tobi.

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