Advanced Search Engine OptimisationTactics

SEO LogoSearch engine optimisation is necessary for driving traffic to a website. A large volume of traffic increases sales and profits. Although there are a few simple search engine optimisation techniques that most business owners can implement, for the best results such as quickly ranking on the first page of search engines, you need to hire a SEO expert. Professional tactics greatly improve your SEO. Search engine optimisation experts have a variety of tools in their area of expertise to help any business increase its online visibility and exposure.

1. Meta Descriptions

For search engine optimisation, there has to be a summary of the content of each web page. This is called the meta description. It’s important to use the main keywords of your website in the description. The description appears on the search engines results pages and gives visitors an overview of what your site is about. SEO experts create a unique meta description for every page of the website. These descriptions are usually 150 to 160 characters long. A compelling description entices people to click-through to the webpage.

2. Sitemaps

A sitemap is one advanced search engine optimisation technique that many business owners don’t think about. A sitemap is a directory of the website pages. Sitemaps provide a great deal of information about these pages. For example, the metadata of a sitemap lists the different format types on the website such as articles, videos, and images. The files of the sitemap have to be submitted using Google’s Webmaster Tools.

3. Image SEO

For websites with many images, search engine optimisation also extends to pictures, photographs, illustrations, and other graphics. The ALT tag is underused by beginners, but SEO experts realise its importance. Each image uses a caption and a brief description. Using keywords helps the web page to rank higher. This is why image tags are growing in importance for SEO.

4. Robots

Search engines also use robots to crawl a website. If there are pages on your website that you don’t want the search engines to index, there is an advanced search engine optimisation technique that experts use to prevent this. Professionals create the robots.txt file for these websites. This file tells search engines how to access your website and prevents spiders from crawling these pages.

Search engine optimisation tactics can greatly improve your website’s online presence. With advanced methods utilised by SEO professionals, your website has a much better chance of getting more traffic to it. However, if you have time to research and do your own search engine optimisation go for it! I always recommend link building along with your SEO company. The links that you can get as a business owner are typically more natural and valuable to your website (and rankings) than the links that your SEO company can get you. In the end, you, as the business owner, are responsible for your own PR. Hire an SEO company like ROI ( that has experience in all areas of digital marketing and can help get your business and website the publicity and traffic needed to be successful.





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