An Apology and Thank You

To all our loyal readers and followers, if you are reading this post then it means that we have finally managed to solve our wretched technical problems that have been dogging us for the last 2 weeks! It seemed like we would never get the site back, but we finally managed it today and we are going to get right back on track immediately with the daily job listings!

We have been getting concerned emails, Tweets, and FB messages almost daily from you, and we have been taking notice of all these. We would all like to apologize to you, but also say thank you for sticking with us!

These technical server problems come hot on the heels of the Google EMD update that affected this site quite badly, too at the end of September, reducing our traffic from Google by almost 50%. It seems that Google now deems us helping people find online writing work not so important for their search results. But, oh well, we will continue with your daily jobs posts, so again, thank you for sticking with us!






2 responses
  1. Steve Avatar

    Noemi —

    I miss Freelance Writing Gigs when it’s not available. Then again, I also understand when problems persist.

    Glad to have you folks back up and running.



  2. Veronica Shine Avatar

    Happy to see you back on-line.

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