Are You Having Freelance Writing Jobs Updating Problems?

Since Splashpress Media acquired Freelance Writing Jobs at the beginning of the month, a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes by the Splashpress Media tech team to keep the site running without any extended downtime or major problems.  So far so good except for one problem that I’m hearing some readers are having:

The home page is not updating with the most recent content.  For some reason, some readers are only seeing content published on or before July 2, 2010 on the home page despite clearing their cache and web browser cookies.

According to the Splashpress Media tech team, the problem might be related to DNS updates.  For example, if you’re accessing Freelance Writing Jobs from a computer at work, you might be stuck behind a firewall which only updates the URL DNS one time per month.  The Freelance Writing Jobs DNS has been updated correctly, so the firewall issue would definitely cause a problem on the user’s end.  You can read more about DNS issues when changing nameservers here.

It has been recommended that if the Freelance Writing Jobs home page is not updating for you, you can flush your DNS entries on your computer and force an update that way.  However, if you’re Internet access is stuck behind a firewall, there’s probably little you can do but wait.

The tech team has offered to write a how-to for both Windows and Mac.  I’ll publish it as soon as it’s available.  Sorry for the glitch, but the right people are working to get you the information you need to continue reading Freelance Writing Jobs.  In the meantime, you can click through to any entry on the home page and navigate through the site using category and tag links or click through to specific articles from the Freelance Writing Jobs Twitter feed or Facebook page where they are automatically posted.

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  1. Anne Wayman Avatar

    Susan, I suspect something else is going on or not going on. I’m having trouble getting to an updated home page and I don’t have a firewall as such… I am on Windoz 7 and they’ve got something… but I shouldn’t have to flush anything… suspect it’s on the tech team’s side, not the reader.

    But I’ve been wrong about these things.

    1. Anne Wayman Avatar

      well go figure, once I submitted the comment above I was able to get an updated home page… go figure.

      1. Susan Gunelius Avatar

        Anne, Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

  2. allena Avatar

    Everything good as far as I can tell. I keep trying to remember to ask you, Susan, if you’re sticking around at

    1. Susan Gunelius Avatar

      Hi Allena! Yep, I’m still with Now, I’ll be crossing paths with you on two sites! 🙂

  3. AuroraGG Avatar

    In this day and age it is far more easier to simply read another blog than to fuss with DNS settings, really. While I have been able to see new content… the more than 20 broken images on the main page is less than attractive. 🙂

    1. Susan Gunelius Avatar

      AuraraGG, I reported the broken images to the tech team. All looks fine for me. They told me they’re looking into it and trying to work through all the kinks.

  4. Anon Avatar

    You kind of lost me with the explanation about DNS settings. I think that most people (myself included) do not have the time to investigate such issues! When I visit the site, I see no updated content, and that is probably the case for many others, including new visitors. It is not reasonable to expect visitors to make the adjustments you are speaking of. And, if visitors are new, they would not have access to this information anyway. I know technical problems can be a pain, so I hope you are able to solve this problem. I have been visiting this blog for many years and hope to continue.

  5. Anon Avatar

    Like Anne, I am now able to see the updates after commenting.

  6. Cheril Vernon Avatar
    Cheril Vernon

    I’m hoping by leaving a comment the front page will update for me too.

    1. Cheril Vernon Avatar
      Cheril Vernon

      Yes, that did the trick!

  7. Anon Avatar

    That did the trick for me yesterday but not today. I no longer see the updates to the front page.

  8. Teri Avatar

    No matter what I do (or clear), I still don’t see updates on the front page since July 2, and I’m not behind a firewall. It’s okay though – I can just go directly to the sections and find what I’m looking for. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Susan Gunelius Avatar

    Thanks for letting me know that you’re not behind a firewall. I sent that info to the tech team. Hopefully, they’re getting closer to figuring out what’s wrong. Thanks for hanging in there while we try to iron out the bumps in the road from the ownership transition.

  10. Noreen B Avatar

    Well, my MAC at work, which IS behind a firewall, has no trouble getting the updated home page, while my MAC at home cannot. I am hoping that this comment will do something to help, as it did others. I have to say, however, I would have never known there was a problem if I didn’t try to access the site from a different computer. For days I was just thinking the site was down.

    1. Jennifer Avatar

      My computer at home, which is not behind a firewall, is not showing anything updated on the homepage. I cleared out what I could and it made no difference. Really, I hope this gets fixed quickly because I’m sure you’re losing a lot of visitors. I was about to give up on the site until I did a little searching and found this blog post from a link on an older post. Most people won’t take the time to do that, though. I’m hoping posting a comment helps as it has helped other people, but if it doesn’t, I’m done.

    2. franky Avatar

      Noreen, the problem should be solved now.
      We have continued publishing though and everything has been send to the Twitter account as well as the feeds are working.

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