4 Beat Banging Mobile Speakers for the Writer on the Go

Freelance writers need inspiration too and nothing beats the soothing sounds of your favorite tunes as you ponder your next hit story. I personally can’t handle hearing outside noises while I brainstorm articles so I lock myself away with my headphones at home, turn the volume up and just float and get the work done. I like writing while at home but for the freelance writer on the go who loves the company of great sounding music, I’ve found some cool speakers, all fully funded projects from Kickstarter, to soothe your ear drums and get the creative juices flowing.

All the audio products reviewed are designed to be super-light, stylish and transportable.

Mojo Speakers


Mojo Speakers were created for the user in motion and is touted as the world’s thinnest premium Bluetooth speaker at 7mm. This Kickstarter product weighs only 4 ounces and offers a high-powered listening experience with lasting battery life of up to 10 hours of continuous play at maximum volume.

The speaker can be used with any Bluetooth enabled mobile device and is slim yet powerful addition to your inventory of tech. Find out how to purchase one here.

1Q Wood Speaker

vers-audio-wood-speaker-single vers-audio-wood-speaker-table

The 1Q Wood Speaker is a 3 inch Bluetooth speaker in a hand-crafted wooden cube and can fit in the palm of your hand but deliver sound powerful enough to fill a large room. The speaker produces warm, natural sound, provides up to 10+ hours of battery life and plugging 2 1Q’s together instantly produces stereo sound. The speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled mobile device as you’re on the go.

Find the 1Q Wood Speaker in the Apple Gazette Kickstarter store here.

AudioAmp 180 Amplifier

agks-hero-audioamp180 AudioAmp180-Amplifier-for-iPad-Promo-Shot

AudioAmp 180 is not a speaker but is an amplifier for your iPad and other tablets. Its a dongle-based device that increases volume and clarity of sound coming from your basic built-in tablet speakers.

AudioAmp 180 works by refracting the audio coming from your tablet’s rear or side mounted speaker, and changing its direction by 180 degrees, concentrating the audio forward toward your ears. Basically reducing the amount sound waves lost in the air around and instead focused towards you. The device requires no power and produces about 10 decibels of amplitude gain noticeably improving loudness and quality. This is a cheap alternative to purchasing a brand new speaker for your tablet.

Find the AudioAmp 180 here.

Zooka Speaker


The Zooka Speaker bar for Apple products is another wireless Bluetooth speaker with a range of up to 30 feet from your device. The clever design allows it to double as an iPad stand and can be used in landscape and portrait modes.


Its a thin, silicone based and compact speaker built with deep bass speaker technology with Bluetooth controls and wideband microphone. The speaker of course can also be used with many other Bluetooth capable devices but without the stand capability.

Any freelance writing audiophile will get a kick out of travelling with any of these speakers, perfect on the go or for the very mobile home user. Find these and more awesome speakers and audio based products in the Apple Gazette Kickstarter Store.

Photo credit: Benjamin Earwicker





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