Beyond Freelance Writing: Don’t Overlook the Package Deal

packageHave you ever thought about branching out ? Many of us have skills and talent that extend beyond freelance writing. We shouldn’t be married to form of income or another, however. Sometimes packaging a variety of skills can land more lucrative gigs, while saving a client money in the long run.

If you have an eye for design and create blogs and websites for friends and family in your spare time, you can offer a boutique of services for potential clients building the blog from scratch. Many will appreciate the one stop shopping element of hiring one person to build and stock a site with content. If you spend a lot of time using social media tools, your blogging clients might pay extra if you help them to further build their brands.  Some other considerations:

  • If you have a background in sales or marketing, you can help your clients lead a promotional campaign.
  • If you’re a press release writer with a background in P.R., you can offer to release the release to your contacts and others.
  • If you worked in graphic design in a previous life, offer to write and design brochures and other promotional material.
  • If you’re a blogger with a large community, you can offer community building and moderation as an extra feature to blog clients.

No one says you only have to be a writer or only have to be a blogger. Think about what else you can do and see if you can offer packages to potential clients. Market yourself as a boutique services provider. When you offer packages, you can command a higher rate, but your client will save money and appreciate not having to hire several people for one project.

Are you ready to move beyond freelance writing?

Do you offer a variety of services? If so, share your tips and successes. Not sure of what else you can do or how to sell it? Let’s brainstorm below.






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  1. Sharon Hurley Hall Avatar

    As well as writing, I do proofreading and editing, though I’ve only recently started to promote that explicitly. A lot of the time, I end up offering services when clients ask if I can do them, whereas now I’m starting to promote some of these add-ons a bit more. I’ve also got a plan to do training courses locally, but haven’t done much to promote those yet.

    I love the idea of presenting a package, which is something I’ve done in the past. For example, writers can offer a package where they write an article, post it to an article directory and promote it on one of their chosen social media outlets. The only issue with that is that you might have to have separate accounts for doing that to avoid spamming people.

  2. JulieF Avatar

    I always offer graphic design with my services. Sometimes the client will say they have someone already, but eventually they ask if I can ‘fix up’ or ‘throw together’ something.

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