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Books for Freelance Writers

The Secret Sauce to Freelance Writing on the Side

Done right, freelance writing can serve as your main source of income. Admittedly, uncertainty in income is part of the package. A prudent course is to launch your freelance writing career while holding down a day job.

This book will help you ease into freelance writing with your day job as a net you can (temporarily) fall back on. It will guide you through the process of starting your freelance writing business while working a full-time job.


Swipe This! How to Create a Killer Copywriting Arsenal Using the Competition

books for freelance writers

Having great ideas is the core of a successful copywriting business. Unfortunately, ideas have the habit of drying out at some point.

This book will introduce you to a strategy that will ensure a steady source of tried and tested concepts: gleaning information from your peers – information that is out there, ripe for the picking – and organizing it to make your copywriting workflow as efficient as it can be.