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Swipe This! How to Create a Killer Copywriting Arsenal Using the Competition

Always running out of ideas?

Have the fear of not being able to land clients AND deliver because of that dreaded writer’s block?

Smash that problem by building your own copywriting arsenal, but don’t stop there. Go one step further and quickly add quality ideas to your stockpile by learning from your competition.

swipe file

Let the days of wracking your brain for topics on the spot all the time be gone.

This book will introduce you to a strategy that will ensure a steady source of tried and tested concepts: gleaning information from your peers – information that is out there, ripe for the picking – and organizing it to make your copywriting workflow as efficient as it can be.

Get the dish on how to never run out of ideas again and execute projects that will make your clients coming back for more with “Swipe This!”. Consider it a virtual instructor that teaches you the theory and then shows you how to apply it in real life.

**For only $12.99, level up your copywriting game.**

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These people are using the techniques from “Swipe This! How to Create a Killer Copywriting Arsenal Using the Competition”, and this is what they have to say:

Systematic, actionable, and SCALABLE guide to creating a swipe file — great for any creative professional

copywriting booksI’ve been a freelance writer for several years. I’ve seen my fair share of resources targeted at writers at “any” stage that really only contained basic advice that would be old news for anyone who has already gone professional. I’m happy to say that “Swipe This” was refreshingly different.

“Swipe This” presents a process that is both easy to follow and easy to scale. You’ll discover all the different tools you can use to pull in and analyze data about your competitors. You’ll get advice for setting up the actual swipe file itself. You’ll learn how to play the part of a spy in order to learn what is working for the competition. Then, once you have all that incredible raw data, you’ll learn what you can actually do with it. – Adrienne @ Cleverpedia

The process presented is very easy to follow and boosted my confidence

I’m working my way back into the world of copywriting and this book is full of helpful information.

The process presented is very easy to follow and boosted my confidence in my new adventure.

I look forward to putting the suggestions into practice and seeing the results down the road. – Jennifer Burgess

An excellent guide for beginning and accomplished copywriters

In his guide, Author Murray Lunn of Freelance Writing Gigs leads writers through the complex world of competitor analysis. “Swipe This” is a comprehensive, readable resource outlining how to build and maintain a comprehensive database of competitive information on copywriting that works.

“Swipe This” offers solid information for all copywriters. Emerging copywriters will use it to build a solid base on which to build their portfolios. Experienced copywriters will have a platform to take their market knowledge to a new, more productive level. – Arthur Hill

A must have for all copywriters!

Swipe This! is a great read, both for emerging and experienced copywriters alike!

This awesome book brings you through a new way of copywriting that I never would have even considered on my own!

If you want to bring your work to a whole new level then you absolutely must read Swipe This! – Justin Zipprich


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Who is Murray Lunn?

Murray LunnMurray Lunn has been active in the content marketing game for many years ever since his humble beginnings sharing tutorials on forums and experimenting with freelancing.

Nowadays he finds himself working alongside clients and small businesses – helping them realize their content and customer-centric goals. He also has a cat, a love for travel & music festivals, and an itch for arts & crafts.

You can follow him on Twitter @MurrayLunn.

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