Building Your Freelance Writing Career Broom – One Straw (Gig) at a Time

Do you want to have a freelance writing career? You must be interested in writing if you are reading this. If you want to have a writing career, you need to start with a single freelance writing job and build it over time.

By definition, a job is something that you do and you get paid for it. Usually a job implies that you are an employee, but let’s leave that out of the equation for the sake of argument. A career is something that a person dedicates him or herself to over the long term, and it has opportunities for advancement.

I like to think of freelance writing jobs as straws. You may start off with one straw, and it could even be a relatively short one, to reflect the fact that most of us start off with entry-level-type gigs. Over time, as you gain experience and get more work, you can add more straws. Eventually, you will get to the point where you have accumulated enough straws to make yourself a (career) broom.

You have to start with a single straw to make it happen, though. I do advocate focusing on your longer-term career goals, but don’t forget that it’s going to develop one gig at a time. We may all want to get the broom assembled, but we can’t forget that it’s going to take multiple straws to get there.






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  1. Leslie Avatar

    I come across numerous sites that require bidding for writing jobs – this is counter intuitive as I don’t think I should have to pay to get paid. However, I don’t mind doing an article or two for free to build my resume.
    How do you recommend that I start getting my work noticed so I can compete in this crowded market?
    BTW- I have an MBA and a job that requires me to do a lot of writing, primarily investment thesis.

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