Check out these Submission Tracking Apps for Writers

Are you submitting queries, finished articles for consideration to publications or manuscripts to publishers? Would you like an alternative to downloadable software to keep track of your efforts? There are submission tracking apps for that.

Why Consider Submission Tracking Apps for Writers

If you are not doing all, or even most of your work from your desktop computer, you’ll want to look at something that will give you the flexibility to work remotely. Apps make it easy for you to work with your cell phone or tablet so that you can check on or update your submissions on the go. There is no need to wait until you are at your home or main office to look after this type of function.

What will you do if you receive an e-mail or a phone message from an editor about one of your submissions, and you do not recognize his or her name or the publication right away? With one of these detailed submission tracking apps, you can quickly look up the information you need before you respond to the message. You won’t be caught off guard scrambling for the details you need.

Helpful Submission Tracking Apps

Story Tracker

This handy app is suitable for working freelance writers or hobbyists as well. It helps you track submissions of all of your writing. No matter how many different types of projects you are working on (magazine articles, books, websites, screenplays, and more), you will be able to stay organized. Story Tracker also allows you to store guidelines for different markets accepting submissions from writers.

You can view your submission history for each one of your stories, easily sorted by date. Following up on your submissions is easy; simply launch e-mail or a phone call directly from the market details. Download it for your iPad or iPod for $9.99.


Published! is an app that can be used by authors, researchers, poets, song writers, etc. If you are looking for a tool that can help you kept track of publishers and markets, Published! delivers. It also includes a text editor for creating your work as well.

Go ahead and revise your work as often as you like and create multiple versions that can stand alone as separate projects – Published! will help you. Since money matters to freelance writers, this helpful app will also help you keep track of your income and expenses pertaining to your works, as well as generate helpful reports to let you know whether you are making a profit.




Trello is a free app that you can use to organize just about anything. It looks like a series of cards on a bulletin board. You can create lists with headings and move your cards on the board in whatever manner makes sense to you.

One of the ways in which you could use Trello is to keep track of your submissions. Create a tab for your article ideas, another one for markets you want to pitch, and another one for markets you have sent queries to (along with any relevant notes). This app will allow you to set deadlines for following up with editors, and you can also create tabs to track the work that you have sold, as well as how much you have been paid.

Since Trello is completely flexible, you can set up your own board in the manner that will work best for you. You can even set up multiple boards if you want separate ones for fiction and non-fiction markets.

Luminary Writer’s Database

Writing is only one of the functions you do as part of your job. You also need to keep track of your submissions so that you know when to follow up to make sure that something has not gotten lost in the mail, on an editor’s desk or in cyberspace. If you have had a manuscript sent back, you may lose track yourself about where you had planned to send it next. (You weren’t planning on taking “No” for an answer, were you?)

If you are looking for an online tool to keep your submissions organized, consider the Writer’s Database. It will help you stay on top of markets for your writing as well as the status of the manuscripts you have sent out to each one.

Membership is free (you can make a donation to support the site if you wish). This tool will help you stay on top of market contact information, pay rates, response time and submission guidelines. It will also be able to help you track payments received, editors’ comments, when you have sent out manuscripts and your results for each attempt.

Consider your Options Before Choosing a Submissions Tracking App

If you are a writer who is not found sitting behind your desk most of the time during the course of your day, using submission tracking apps may be the right choice for you. Before making your decision, consider how user-friendly you will need the app to be, the type and number of submissions you are likely to be making and whether you need any other features, such as a text editor as well. You will be able to decide which one is the best option for you.

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  1. Earl Cox Avatar

    I’ve just started using Trello about a month ago and I think it is fantastic. We use this tool to manage our blog which already has over 1600 articles.

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