Cluttered RSS Feeds – When Is It Too Much?

While sipping my morning coffee and reading through my daily favorite blog reads, I realized just how crowded some RSS feeds are becoming with lots of little extras.

It seems the ongoing trend within the blogosphere is to add footers to RSS feeds that contains extra information such as ads, feed flares (the “Facebook or “Email this” links), related posts, referral links and service sales pitches.

I have to wonder whether that extra information is as distracting to other readers as it is to me especially when those added extras take up more space than the posts main content!

When I think about my RSS subscribers I think they should be treated differently then first time visitors. Subscribers are the loyal readers and likely well aware of the different features on my blog.

Adding a couple of extras or some advertising to the RSS feed seems to be suitable enough but I wonder at what point a post footer becomes overdone.

What is your opinion on RSS post footers?





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