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WritersDeskAre you wondering where you can find free downloadable software for writers? We’ve done some virtual digging to find you some options that won’t cost you a single penny. Check them out here:

Free Downloadable Software for Writers to Try Now

What types of downloadable software for writers are available? You can find word processing programs and ones to help you organize notes and information. If you are working on a book project, you’ll find several options that can assist you with this type of work.

Apache Open Office

Apache Open Office is chock full of features and can be run on as many computers as you wish. It includes the following:

Writer – a word processor
Calc – a spreadsheet
Impress – a way to create multimedia presentations
Draw – lets you make diagrams up to 3D illustrations
Base – for creating forms, reports, tables, and queries
Math – create mathematical equations with a graphic user interface


TreePad is a personal information manager. It’s a word processor, organizer, database, and personal information manager in one. It helps you to save time by keeping your notes, documents, images, and hyperlinks in one place. You also have the option of running TreePad from a USB stick or SD card without having to install it. Download the lite version for free.

Vizual Einstein Me

Vizual Einstein  is a freeware application that was developed for writers, students, researchers, investigators, lawyers, scientists, and others who need to organize large quantities of information.

Action Outline

Action Outline  is part organizer, part To Do list, and part notepad. Add pictures to your outline notes, tag important items, search and replace important information, and access your files quickly and easily.

The Literary Machine

Need help with your organizing your research data? The Literary Machine  will help you to stay on track with plain words. The system uses a web to organize your thoughts, and is a good choice for novelists, writers, and researchers.


If you want to write a book, consider Storybook, which is available as a free download. With this software, you can organize the elements of your book, including:

  • Characters
  • Locations
  • Plot lines (main story and secondary threads)

Storybook allows you to define each element of your book on its own. Once you can see it separately, you will be able to have a clearer idea of its structure. It also allows you to track as many projects as you wish, and you can organize each element with different color codes.


Use yWriter  to organize your writing projects. This software allows you to create separate folders for each project you are working on. Once you have created your folders, you can divide them into separate chapters. Store your notes about your characters, locations, scenes, and items, as appropriate. The software will also track the number of words you have written in the project, as well as for each chapter or scene.


WriteSparks  is downloadable writing software that is designed to be run on your computer when you are looking for a way to break past writer’s block, relieve boredom or just write for yourself instead of working on client projects. The free version of Sparks does not expire and includes over one month’s worth of prompts, quick plots, poetic lines, and more.

Sonar 3

Are you submitting manuscripts to multiple markets? Sonar 3 helps you keep track of where each one was submitted, whether the story was sold or rejected, and which ones are waiting for a response. Make edits or deletions as required to keep your personal database up to date.

Text Block Writer

This downloadable software helps writers by helping them to organize blocks of information. It would be useful to anyone working on fiction or non-fiction books, research articles, or any large amounts of text. Once they have been organized Text Block Writer allows you to export them into an .rtf file.

Character Name Generator

Do you need help trying to find a name for a character or an interview subject who would prefer to remain anonymous? Character Name Generator provides suggestions based on age group (young or adult), whether you want a popular or less common first name or surname, and nationality.

Project Management Software

If you don’t see anything on this list of downloadable software for freelance writers, you may want to check out this post about project management software. It looks at a different type of application for freelancers that focuses more on keeping your business running smoothly by tracking deadlines. If you are at the point where you are working with subcontractors, this type of program is a real asset to your team.


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  1. Elaine White Avatar

    This was great! I downloaded a few of these. You might want to also add that the Character Name Generator only allows for American Nationality though, which is a bummer because I’m Scottish and like to have British characters sometimes.

    This one is also pretty awesome – It gives you a first and last name, let’s you choose any Nationality from the world, also add in where they live and if you want an address and telephone number generated for them too.

  2. Ryn Avatar

    Some of the links on this page are broken.

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      Noemi Tasarra-Twigg

      Thanks for the feedback, Ryn. We’ll take a look at it and fix the links ASAP.

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