Freelance Writing Jobs: Frequently Asked Questions

At Freelance Writing Jobs we strive to provide you with the best information possible about starting your freelance writing career. With so many posts offering tips and advice, it can be hard to find useful information that’s not on the front page of this blog. Since we receive a lot of email asking for tips on getting started as a freelance writer, how to set rates and more, I thought it was time for a static “Frequently Asked Questions” page. If you’re starting out as a writer, or just want a refresher course, use this handy list as a one stop shopping experience for all things freelance writing.

Warning: Work in progress. This list is by no means complete and will receive periodic updates, so do check back often.

Freelance Writing Jobs: Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. How to Land Your First Freelance Writing Job
  2. 43 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs
  3. 30 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs and How to Get Them
  4. Web Content Sites: What They’re Saying, What’s True and What’s False
  5. Corporate Freelance Writing Jobs: Five Places to Find Them
  6. How to Find the High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs
  7. How to Use Discussion Forums for Writers to Find Freelance Writing Jobs
  8. 47 Places to Find Telecommuting Jobs
  9. 10 Ways to Get Your Freelance Writing Foot in the Door
  10. 50 Places that Hire Freelance Writers
  11. 10 Best Job Search Sites
  12. 30 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs and How to Get Them
  13. Freelance Writing: Before You Get Started – Research!
  14. 5 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Using Twitter
  15. Why You Should Consider Cold Calling to Find Work
  16. Top 10 Freelance Writing Job Red Flags
  17. Finding the Freelance Writing Jobs that Are Best for You
  18. Pitch to the Hidden Places that Hire Freelance Writers

Freelance Writing Rates

Not sure how much to charge? Check out the freelance rate calculator over at Freelance Switch.

  1. Where the Writing Money Is
  2. Set a Freelance Writing Rate Equal to the Task
  3. How to Turn a Low Paying Client into a High Paying Client
  4. Who Sets Your Freelance Writing Rates?
  5. Preparing Yourself for Better Freelance Writing Rates
  6. Figuring Out a Good Pay Rate for Writing
  7. Taking Baby Steps for a Better Pay Rate for Writing
  8. Should You Include a Rate Quote with Your Cover Letter
  9. What Does it Mean to Work Smarter Not Harder?
  10. Why You Shouldn’t Ask for a Raise
  11. On Rates and New Clients: Does it Ever Make Sense to Make a Starting Rate?
  12. How to Land Repeat Clients that Pay Well
  13. 8 Reasons You’re Not Landing the High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs
  14. Kill Fees: Not a Halloween Tale
  15. 6 Tips for Asking for a Raise in Your Freelance Writing Rates
  16. 5 Things to Consider When Discussing Rates With Other Freelance Writers
  17. I’m a Professional – So Pay Me Already!!!8 Reasons You’re Not Getting the High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs
  18. 5 Tips for Moving Away from the Easy Gigs to Land More Lucrative Opportunities
  19. A Lower Bid Vs. Selling Yourself Short
  20. 5 Tips for Deciding if You Should Raise Your Rates
  21. Freelance Writing for Beginners: How to Set Your Rates
  22. Why Are Freelancers Negotiating Rates Anyway?

Cover Letters, Clips, Resumes, Job Applications and Query Letters

  1. Query Letter Writing: Dissecting a Successful Query Letter
  2. How I Landed My First Freelance Writing Job Without Clips
  3. 5 Things to Do Before You Query
  4. Freelance Writing Experience: Does it Matter Where Your Clips Come From?
  5. Query Letter Writing: Querying Out of the Box
  6. Top 10 Freelance Writing Job Application Mistakes
  7. 8 Types of Freelance Writing Pitches or Why You Didn’t Get the Job

Customer Service

  1. Rewarding Your Long Term Freelance Writing Clients for their Customer Loyalty
  2. What Lousy Customer Service Can Teach You About Good Customer Service
  3. What My Neighbor’s Teen Can Teach You About Customer Service
  4. Customer Appreciation Lessons from Barnes & Noble

Marketing and Networking

  1. Freelance Writing Marketing and Promotion: How Much is Too Much
  2. Do You Know What You’re Selling? Successfully Marketing Your Freelance Writing
  3. 5 Reasons Not to Have a Cookie Cutter Elevator Pitch
  4. 5 Tips for Creating an Elevator Speech
  5. 10 Unique Places to Market Your Book
  6. 5 Reasons Online Relationships Are Important for Freelance Writers
  7. 5 Reasons Offline Relationships Are Important for Freelance Writers
  8. How Much Would Your Freelance Writing Business Pick Up if You Got Out from Behind Your Laptop?
  9. 10 Reasons Why Face to Face Networking is Important for Freelance Writers
  10. Introducing Yourself as a Freelance Writer Without Sounding Like a Smarmy Salesman
  11. The Freelance Writers Guide to Blogs and Blogging
  12. The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Twitter
  13. The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Facebook

Tools and Resources

  1. Understanding Freelance Writing Rights and Usage
  2. 31 Free Online Writing Courses
  3. 20 Places to Find Online Courses for Writers
  4. 45 Free Things for Writers
  5. Where to Find Free WiFi Hotspots Around the World
  6. 49 Free Online Reference Tools for Freelance Writers

Freelance Writing Markets

  1. 75 “Write for Us” Pages
  2. 40 Freelance Writing Markets Paying $100 or More
  3. 40 More Freelance Writing Markets Paying $100 or More
  4. 50 Submissions Guidelines Pages
  5. 11 Cooking, Food and Drink Markets
  6. 19 Parenting Markets
  7. 21 Poetry Markets
  8. 15 Greeting Card Markets
  9. 11 Environmental Markets
  10. 15 Places for Freelance Writers to Find Magazine Markets
  11. 6 Tips for Finding New Freelance Writing Markets

Freelance Writing Taxes

  1. Tax Tips for UK Freelancers
  2. What Every Freelancer Needs to Know About Taxes
  3. How to Solve Freelance Tax Problems
  4. When a Writer Needs to Hire a CPA
  5. Easy to Forget Income Tax Deductions
  6. Introduction to Quarterly Taxes
  7. 3 Ways to Reduce Your Freelance Writing Taxes and Help Yourself
  8. Tax Tips for Freelance Writers
  9. 20 Tax Deductions for Freelancers
  10. Year End Tax Tips for Freelance Writing Businesses
  11. When Your Freelance Writing Business Gets Audited

Freelance Writing Clients and Business Tips

  1. Should You Trust Your Freelance Writing Clients With Your Personal Information?
  2. Client Vs. Employer: There’s a Difference
  3. 3 Hints for Giving Value with Your Freelance Writing
  4. 5 Options for Avoiding Paypal Fees and Keeping all Your Freelance Writing Pay
  5. 3 Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Your Freelance Writing Work
  6. 5 Rocking Good Business Practices for Freelance Writers
  7. 5 Tips for Asking a Freelance Writing Client for More Work
  8. 5 Reasons Freelance Writers Should Keep Regular Business Hours
  9. 5 Reasons Not to Burn Your Bridges
  10. 10 Tips for Setting Up an Office
  11. 10 Hints from Transitioning from Freelance Writing to a Freelance Writing Business
  12. Identifying the Reasons Your Freelance Writing Business Isn’t Growing
  13. 10 Hints for Transitioning from Freelance Writing Job to Freelance Writing Business
  14. Freelance Writing Clients: The Difference Between Friends and Friendly
  15. 6 Tips for Receiving Feedback from Your Freelance Writing Clients

Other Freelance Writing Topics

  1. 40 Lessons Learned in 10 Years of Freelance Wriitng
  2. The A, B, C’s of Freelance Writing
  3. 7 Great Places to find Interview Subjects
  4. 19 Grants for Writers and Other Creative Types
  5. Technical Writing: What’s it Like?
  6. Freelance Writing Opportunities in SEO Content
  7. Freelance Writing COmmunities: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Join
  8. Contracting for Writers 101
  9. How to Find Interview Subjects for Your Blog Posts and Articles
  10. 4 Measures to Put in Place So Your Freelance Writing Clients Won’t Rip You Off
  11. The Dark Side of Freelance Writer: When Clients Don’t Pay5 Forms of Passive Income for Freelance Writers


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