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FWJ folks come from all sorts of backgrounds and have different needs. One thing we know that we all have in common — we want to get paid to write. Am I right?

And that’s what we’re here for. We aim to give you new jobs daily. If you’ve been with us for a while, you’d also know that companies/clients post jobs on our Job Board on a regular basis.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you will land that job you think is perfect for you. Sad but true — the competition these days is astoundingly tough.

So, what else can we do to help you out? We’ve got 20 power tips to get new freelance clients — tried and tested.

If you want even more, you might want to take a look at a course our friend Jon Morrow is offering.

Paid To Write is geared at freelance writers who are struggling to land their first client. We know this struggle all too well!

Writers Work - Get Paid to Write

With this course, you will get all the help you need to tackle this sometimes seemingly insurmountable hurdle.

If you’re new to the scene, the chances are you’ve been dealing with questions like:

  • Am I experienced enough?
  • Am I good enough?
  • Are my rates too low? Too high?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Why can’t I get a gig?

We get you. We really do.

The good news is that you do not have to stay in this rut. You can get that first client.

You probably just need a bit of guidance and a little push. And that’s what Paid To Write will do for you.

You’ll get:

  1. Feedback from World-Class Instructors
  2. Step-By-Step Guidance
  3. A Community of Your Peers

Ready to land that first client? Learn more about the program here.


Wait…there’s more.

Freebies. Because everyone loves freebies:

Roadmap for Becoming a Freelance Writer

A Cheat Sheet for Writing Blog Posts That Go Viral

One last thing…

This course may be aimed at beginners, but even if you have some experience under your belt, you might sometimes find it hard to land gigs. Paid To Write can still help you! At the very least, you will be expanding your network — and we know just how important that is for freelancers.

Also, if you want to level up a notch or two, The Highly Paid Freelance Writer is the course for you. This class is FREE as well. You’re welcome.

To a full plate in 2022!


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  1. Gaurav Kumar Avatar

    Hi Noemi,

    Getting paid to write is a lucrative opportunity, but there are challenges. For a freelancer, it is a challenge to find high-paying clients. And, for Brand, it is a challenge to find influential writers.

    Thanks for sharing some great ideas!

    1. Noemi Avatar

      Couldn’t agree more!

  2. varun bhai Avatar

    It is a really useful article that will save a lot of time for beginners like me Noemi who are just starting out in SEO. I made good money on upwork recently

  3. varun bhai Avatar

    This is a very Good post Noemi. Will motivate the people to start the Blogging journey

  4. Todd Cambell Avatar

    The awesome tips shared by you will definitely helps a lot.

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