Freelance Writing Jobs, May 3, 2024

freelance writing jobs

Good Friday morning, FWJ folks. We’ve got a bunch of writing job opportunities for you before the weekend.

Enjoy the break, and see you next week.

Happy job hunting!

Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Content Writer (Financial Services) – (United States Remote / Contract)
  2. Freelance Weekend Content Writer for Video Games and Entertainment Media – GAMURS Group (Remote)
  3. Content Writer – Digitive (United States Remote / Contract)
  4. Contract Content Writer – (United States Remote)
  5. Company Description Writer – BOLD; $15/hr – $17/hr (United States Remote / Contract)
  6. Freelance SEO Writer (Finance, Tech, or Saas Exp) – KlientBoost (United States Remote / Contract)
  7. Fractional Junior Content Writer – MAVAN (Remote / Part-time)
  8. Freelance Movie/Television List Writer – Comic Book Resources (Remote)
  9. Legal SEO Contract Writer – DRIVE Law Firm Marketing (Remote / Contract)

Mother’s Day Deals

Blogging Jobs

  1. Freelance contributors for blog #repeat – OLIVER CHARLES (United States Remote)

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Freelance Copywriter – CrowdRiff (Remote / Contract)
  2. Freelance Copywriter – Drafted (United States Remote / Contract)
  3. Copywriter – WBCP, Inc (Remote / Part-time)
  4. Freelance Copywriter – Hedquist International, Inc. (Remote / Contract)
  5. Copywriter – Artisan Talent; $35/hr – $50/hr (United States Remote / Contract)
  6. DTC Direct Response Copywriter – ColdBru Digital (Remote / Contract)
  7. Business Development Copywriter – Sonata Learning (Remote / Contract)
  8. Copywriter – Strategic Staffing Solutions (Remote / Contract)

Journalism Jobs

  1. Editor-in-Chief – Watcher Guru (Remote / Part-time, Full-time)
  2. Freelance Technology Writer – Group SJR (Remote / Contract)

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Technical Writer (Enabling Environment) – Nathan, a Cadmus Company (Remote / Contract)
  2. Technical Writer – Akkodis; $42/hr – $47/hr (Remote / Part-time)

Sports Writing Jobs

  1. SEC/College Sports Trending Writer – Gannett; $15.87 an hour (Remote)

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Executive Resume Writer – Jody Michael Associates (United States Remote / Contract)
  2. Resume Writer – City Staffing; $20/hr (United States Remote / Temporary)

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Gigs

  1. Freelance Content Developer – RangeForce (United States Remote)
  2. Script Writer – Vince Vintage (Remote / Contract)
  3. Digital Communications Specialist (Content Dev, Graphic Design, Copy writing) – Dynamic Enterprise Solutions (Remote / Contract)
  4. News Reporter and Newsletter Writer – Gannett; $15.87 an hour (Remote)
  5. Journalist Outreach Writers – Jolly SEO (Remote / Part-time)
  6. Prompt Writer – English (US) – TELUS International AI Data Solutions (Remote / Part-time)

Magazine Writing Gigs

  1. Magazine – Remote Writer – HBCU RESEARCH Magazine; $28.61 – $34.46 an hour (Remote / Contract)


  1. Content Writer – Financial Solutions; $10 an hour (Remote / Temporary, Internship)





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  1. Lindani Lucky Thango Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this valuable resource! As a freelance writer, staying updated on job opportunities is crucial, and this compilation seems like a goldmine for finding new gigs. I appreciate you looking out for fellow writers and contributing to our community’s success. Will definitely bookmark this page for future reference!

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