FWJ Survey on the State of Freelance Writing in 2015

state of freelance writing survey

As freelance writers, we enjoy lots of perks but also deal with our own struggles. Here at Freelance Writing Jobs, we are grateful for our readers for continuing to visit our site and interacting with us on Facebook and Twitter. We also love it when you take the time to send feedback via our contact form. It helps us improve on what we do, and when you send encouraging words our way, it makes our day!

The site has been up for many years now, with Deb Ng starting it all. We want to continue what she started – and go beyond.

Today, we are asking for your help with a project that we believe will benefit all of us. The freelance writing community is huge, and yet we might not really be aware of the big picture. While we interact with each other, we know little about the state of freelance writing as an industry. Yes, we believe we are an industry!

So, we are conducting a survey which will help us gather data and insights from those who know the industry best: you.

What do need from you?

We have created a short questionnaire which covers main areas of freelance writing. We hope that you can spare a few minutes answering the questionnaire, which you can access via different venues. Rest assured that the information you provide will remain confidential.

What are we going to do with the survey?

Once we have gathered the data, we will collate and analyze it, and then put together a nifty graphic for everyone to see. This way, everyone can have an overall look at our industry, and perhaps make some changes if we see fit.

How can you take the survey?

Take the survey from the FWJ home page.
You’ll see a button on the left side.

FWJ Survey home page button


Just click it, and you’ll see the survey form.

We know you’re all busy, but we hope you can spare a few minutes to help us out and tell us your story (in the easiest possible way).  We’d really appreciate it!

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