Hidden Gold: A Massive Freelancing Niche Overlooked by Most Writers

Most, if not all, freelancers will tell you that they are always on the lookout hoping for really big freelancing clients. We’re talking about the type of client that will guarantee you several months of steady work, making it possible for you to enjoy the type of financial security otherwise found in steady, full-time employment.

The reality of the situation is that these types of freelance clients are few and far between, even though they definitely exist. Finding them and finding them before they have another freelancer working for them is the challenge. One of the places few people expect to find these giant job opportunities is within the realm of government organizations and departments.

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It would surprise you to learn just how much freelancing work you may be able to get courtesy of the government. The opportunities here are globally available, remember, since government exists anywhere there are people, be it on the far side of the moon or in the depths of the Amazon.

You might look at the prospect of bidding on government freelancing contracts as an insurmountable hurdle in your search for steady, dependable, high-volume clients, but the very fact that there is so much work to be shared out makes it worth whatever hassle it may comprise. From agriculture, technology, health, weaponry, environment, to computer security and much more, there is no limit to the areas government jobs will want to have covered. That’s where you come in. Let’s take a quick look at the obstacles that keep people away and how you can overcome them to get your hands on some of these sought-after freelancing opportunities.

The Fear of the Unknown

It has to be admitted that government workings can seem pretty opaque from the outside looking in, but all it really takes is a bit of curiosity to lift the veil on government freelancing processes. For U.S. federal organs, the process will usually begin with them creating a project definition and contract terms. They will outline their requisite time-frame for the job’s completion as well as the deadline for any applications by freelancers for the contract.

These contracts will usually be competitively priced, as it is a requirement by law that government contracts strive to save taxpayer money and circumvent possible corruption. The upshot of this requirement is that contract winners will usually be the ones with the lowest quote, but keep in mind that the qualifications of the applicants will also be considered in the decision-making process. Keep your bidding price within reasonable bounds without under-selling yourself, be truthful about your capacity, and hope for the best.

Aversion to Bureaucracy

Most of our experiences with government operations will involve long-drawn out spells in waiting rooms, overly-complicated paperwork (to be filled in triplicate), and seemingly oblivious officials who seemingly would rather be doing absolutely anything else than be there handling your issue. It’s what makes us only want to deal with the government when we really have no choice.

Well, the unfortunate reality here is that there probably isn’t a simple way for a freelancer to get past the laborious processes of government workings. There will be plenty of forms to be filled, certificates to be presented, and requirements to fulfill before you qualify for tender awards by the government. The thing to keep in mind here is that the rewards to be had at the end of these processes are definitely worth the hassle. Patience and perseverance are the operative words here. Take it as you would a subject such as forex trading for beginners: the learning curve only seems steep to the absolute beginner – experience makes the process seem incredibly intuitive and logical – so finding the will to go the familiarization process is the key to unraveling the whole thing.

Blind Terror

The fact is, many out there will shy away from anything related to government out of sheer instinctive fear of the seemingly all-powerful departments that make up its body. Nobody relishes the prospect of going up against entire state or federal departments on their own. Remember this when you feel your feet getting cold: the government definitely hires freelance writers, and you’re one of them. Those who’ve been hired before you and who are being hired with each passing day all stood in your shoes at some point. So, why shouldn’t it be your turn at tomorrow?






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