Hope You Didn't Have Any Plans Today…

…because I’m about to destroy them. How do I know? Because I had plans yesterday. And then someone introduced me to this site, and I read approximately 150 pages worth of posts.

The site is called “F My Life,” with people sending in reasons that their lives suck that day, followed by the acronym “FML.” If you get to feeling bad about how things are going for you, a little visit to this site might just make you feel better. It’s schadenfreude at its finest:








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  1. franky Avatar

    If you’re EMO you should also check out MLIA (My Life Is Average) and if you’re looking for humourous and well written Tweets, try the Tweeteorites Leaderboard. 🙂

  2. Zabrina Avatar

    I prefer a much more positive, uplifting website that has made me cry a few times from sheer happiness… GMH, for Gives Me Hope.


  3. Noemi Avatar

    I remember when I first discovered this site – yep, didn’t get any work done that day. Call it schadenfreude (spelling?), but it did put things into perspective!

  4. Cheril Vernon Avatar
    Cheril Vernon

    Yea, I found a new time waster!

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