How Contento Can Help Market Yourself as a Freelancer


Being self-employed brings with it many challenges. You’re either working in your business or on your business. Being busy is great but your leads will dry up without consistent marketing.

One way to have your name out in the market consistently is to register on directories websites.

These websites are where companies are actively looking for contractors and agencies to assist them with the creative side of their content marketing.

Contento, a web-platform that allows you to offer content directly to top media/blogs, has launched a snazzy new directory aimed at connecting brands to high-quality content creators.

Blog article writers, copywriters, videographers, photographers, illustrators are just some of the creative specialties you can classify yourself under.

Being listed on directories like this will help drive quality leads to you organically.

The Content Creators directory allows leads to message you directly. You then take it from there and seal the deal.

“Globally, content marketing is massive, and our customers are always creating new content. However, human resource is a normal roadblock for most SMEs as they grow their content marketing.” Says Carl Thompson, CEO of Contento. “Connecting brands with good creators is what this directory is all about.”

The Content Creators directory is completely free. There are no fees or barriers to starting a profile.

Another added bonus to listing on Contento’s Content Creators directory is the backlinks. Backlinks are SEO gold. This is when one website links back to your website. Quality backlinks are still the most important, and sort-after, search engine ranking factor. Creating a profile on the directory will instantly score you another backlink.

Social proof is another reason to consider. Quality sites that endorse you, or better yet discuss your services, are great for social proof of your brand. Your directory profile is an easy way to increase your social proof.

How do you stand out in a directory of similar profiles?

There are a couple of things you want to make sure you do to when creating your profile.

First, have a great photo. People want to connect with other people. Having a friendly honest photo is a good way to show some personality.

Second, you want to show off your writing abilities by crafting together a decent bio. A lot of people overlook this opportunity. Your bio, or description, is another way you can show some personality as well as your skills. Time to get creative.

Third, make sure you select enough categories so your profile will be listed in various searches.

Your new profile is an opportunity to get in front of your market. Share your newly created profile on your social channels. It’s a chance to reiterate to your friends and followers what you offer and the services you provide.

Being self-employed is a rollercoaster of emotions and cash flow. Iron out the slumps with good consistent marketing tactics.

Register on Contento’s Content Creators directory and be found by companies all over the world.

View the directory here:


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  1. Penny Caywood Avatar

    I’m an amateur writer looking for freelance work.

  2. Mitzy Avatar

    I would not recommend Contento at all. Why are you?

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