How Freelancers Can Utilize Expired Domains

In this era of super-fast internet, information is available all around, and every piece of data is competing to make itself visible to a broader audience. SEO or search engine optimization is widely used by freelancers to make their content stand out and gain organic traffic.

But sometimes, good content is not enough to get a high search engine ranking. The latest method of perfecting SEO is by using expired domains, and it is being used by freelancers very commonly.

What are Expired Domains?

These are inactive websites which were in use once but don’t have ownership any longer. Their usage depends a lot on the network they were connected to and the functions they served, back when they were being used. They are most valuable when they were linked to a quality link profile and not used for any spam activities, previously.

It is even better if the expired domain you choose was prior in use for a relevant subject to your website. Based on your desired criteria, you can look up for expired domains on reputable sites like

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How can you leverage them for maximum optimization?

Since it is seamless to connect to good expired domains, you can leverage it for increasing your website’s engagement. There are some very effective ways of SEO in which you can use expired domains to enhance your organic viewership, as explained below:

  • The Merger Technique

The safest way of drawing traffic to your page is by merger technique. It refers to the tactic of buying expired domains and then 301 redirecting them to your own website’s landing page. With the help of link quality and link quantity, it is capable of directing significant organic traffic to any website. Also, you will be able to boost the authority of your website, thus reaching better ranks in search engines.

  • Domain Flipping

Flipping the domain involves buying an expired domain and then renaming it for profit. You can simply turn around the name or change the entire website, based on your requirements. The crux of this method is to find a domain that has compelling content, but it is not reaching enough potential audience.

Enthusiastic domain hunters buy such domains and use them for backlinking with their main pages. After successful crowd redirection and improvement in the domain condition, these flipped domains are sold again at higher bids. A domain name also carries the branding potential, thus varying their rates on the basis of their name’s efficiency.

  • Private Blog Network

Expired domains are most commonly used for creating Private Blog Network or PBNs. It is the process of buying expired domains and creating content for these sites. The final webpages are then linked to the main page of the freelancer. So you can have a group of websites, hosting data on your behalf and directing the audience to one shared network, without letting them know that you are the owner of the domains.

This process is, therefore, a little shady, and it is recommended to avoid it. But, in spite of being very risky, PBNs still continue being the best way to increase organic traffic and hence, enjoy the popularity.

  • Using the Backlink Profile

This method produces very similar results to creating a PBN, but it is entirely risk-free and without any threats of penalty. All you specifically need to do is to find a relevant, high-quality domain which has expired and extract the backlink profile. Scan through the quality link possibilities and get the contact information of previous linkers.

After that, contact the linkers personally and let them know that they are currently linked to a dead resource. Upon receiving a response, make a deal with them to replace the dead link with your webpage’s link. This method of communication and pitching an idea is very personal and easier to crack, though it can sometimes be very time-consuming.

  • Developing a Niche Website

Lastly, this is not a method but a strategy of creating a better presence on Google. If you are making a new website, the chances are that Google will inhibit it from performing well until you establish some credibility. This is the Google Sandbox, and it believes that a site is not authentic if it is new and hosts very less content. This hinders the promotion of the page.

The most appropriate way of avoiding it is by buying an aged, expired domain which had relevant content to your subject and then using it for posts, to manipulate the search results. This is not a foolproof method, but it will increase your chances of attracting organic traffic.

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