How to be an Internet Job Miner

The Internet is a wonderful resource for people who are looking for work, including freelance writers. If you are interested in picking up your next gig, you have many options and places to look available to you.

Many people who are looking for jobs check employment web sites looking for listings for “freelance writer.” This is an effective strategy, to be sure, but you can also get some great leads by looking at postings for editors. Read through the job description to see if it mentions something about the client looking for someone who can “supervise the work of freelance writers” or something to that effect.

You now have a lead for a potential client and you are less likely to be competing with multiple applicants for a writing gig. Whether you choose to pursue the lead right away is a judgment call; you may want to put it on the back burner until the new editor has been hired before making a pitch.

Another way that you can mine the Internet for job leads is to check out the metasearch engines like What I like about these resources is that they pull results from other search engines, but they also display where the ad originally appeared. These are the sites you want to check out.

Not all opportunities for freelancers or job seekers in general appear on the big job boards. Some clients are not prepared to pay the fees they charge for listings or prefer to post their ads on specialty web sites instead. You may not find your dream job posted in the first few minutes of your search, but if you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some digging, you can find some hidden gems that are worth applying for.





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