5 Incredible Instagram Tips for Freelancers to Grow their Brands in 2019

As online content creators and freelancers, it’s a necessity to not only ‘be on social media‘, but also to take advantage of it in as many ways as possible.

It’s also not just about building a following, but also knowing how to use it in the right ways to help grow your following, build your brand, and also increase new client work and follow up orders. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all great for this, but one of the most underused platforms being used by freelancers and content creators is Instagram.

Did you know there are 1 billion Instagram users worldwide?

Want to build your freelance career but aren’t sure how? Not to worry! In this article, we’re going to cover some Instagram tips. This will help you and your freelance career.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

Instagram Tips for Freelancers

Instagram has many users all over the world and is more active than both Facebook and Twitter.

This means that users on the site interact more with the content. You may think it’s for fashion and nature lovers, but for a freelancer, it’s a tool. Check out this guide of free tools for freelance writers as well.

1. Make Your Bio Interesting

New followers check your profile. This is a spot where you can include links to your website and other marketing hubs.

Make it easy for followers to find out more about you. Most users who have Instagram use their phones so make sure your website looks good on mobile.

Try and write something more intriguing than a dry description of yourself. Write something that makes people curious about you and interests them.

Take a look at any of the most popular users on Instagram and you will find that each of them have an excellent, profile image, bio write up, and a quality link back to their main site or call to action page.

2. What is Your Goal?

Think about why you’re on Instagram. Do you want to increase traffic, promote your brand, or increase sales?

The reason why you’re on Instagram will help you decide what content works for your profile. You can mix these strategies up as well.

If a freelance is working with a brand that just wants to increase their follower count, this can easily be done through a wide range of methods. Some of the most popular are to set up scheduled postings throughout the month, using hashtags within their updates, or even to just buy social followers and shares from another solution or provider.

3. Followers Want to Know You

Your followers will feel more engaged if they feel like your friend. Show them things you do on a regular basis via Instagram stories.

Most people might not live where you do. Consider taking pictures of where you live. This content is easy to capture and interests your followers.

You can view more ways to relate with your Instagram audience in the article at https://sproutsocial.com/insights/how-to-get-followers-on-instagram/. You can see many different resources in this article, such as why it’s so important to schedule out your content accordingly, and how to make sure it’s content your audience actually wants to see.

4. What Should You Post?

If you want to increase traffic, post pictures that lead back to your site in some way. Post a bunch of unique content and put the rest on your Facebook page. If you tell people there’s more to check out on another platform, they’ll look it up.

For brand awareness, you’re going to need to explain your message and values. What is your company about? How does it help people? Your followers will identify your brand and remember it.

Increasing sales is another tactic. Post a coupon code where everyone gets five percent off the next article followers order.

5. When Should You Post?

If you want followers to engage with your posts, consider the time of your post.

The first wave hits when people wake up. People tend to check their phones in the morning. The second wave is around noon when your audience is taking a break from work.

The final wave is in the evening when people have a chance to look through their content. This is the most critical wave.

Learn more about how to improve your rankings on search engines in the article at https://www.microdinc.com/seo/. It covers the basics of using SEO for website optimization, keyword research, local search optimization and also how to analyze the competition.

This is all very useful to any freelancers that are not only looking at how to create the best content to further brand themselves, but also how to cater to local businesses as well.

Growing Your Freelancing Brand with Social Media

Like it or not, social media plays a huge role in the freelance buying decision process daily. It’s also important to realize that freelance work isn’t just about writing text content.

Cater to the needs of your clients. Let them know how important Instagram and social media is to their own business. And then offer them services and solutions to their problems.

I hope you found these Instagram tips helpful as a freelancer. Instagram has a lot of users worldwide. As a freelancer, sharing content on Instagram will increase traffic to your website.






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