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Road & Travel Magazine

From the Web Site:

ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine is an online, in-market, consumer magazine and resource specializing in automotive, travel, and personal safety topics aimed at upscale consumers, with a slant towards women, 29-59.


Feature articles should be approximately 1000-1200 words. Columns approximately 500 words. Writers are contacted upon acceptance only which could take up to 3 months. RTM works on a 3-month lead time.

Blog articles must be 200-300 words only and include one clear web quality jpeg to accompany the article.

SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED VIA EMAIL ONLY: Once we have received your acceptance of RTM Writer Guidelines, your query and/or manuscript should be saved as an attachment in a word document and be sent to the email provided. Please do not include articles in the body of your email. RTM editors no longer type in author articles however we reserve the right to edit writer content for spelling, grammar, style and format.

ORIGINAL WORK: All articles submitted to RTM must be the original work of the submitting author. Permission to run your article on RTM and in its content partner publications must include your guarantee that the article you are submitting is your original work and images. If writer submits articles for use in RTM with written permission and said article(s) are not original work, writer is subject to legal consequences and damages.


Website photos: Good clear web quality photos must accompany your article. RTM accepts photos via email saved in gif or jpeg formats. They must be attached with your article. Please submit jpegs no larger than 2X3 inches. Large photo files that require long download times will not be accepted. Only web quality photos are accepted. As an online magazine RTM no longer accepts photos by mail.

Photos that accompany articles must be owned by and authorized for use by author. Authors must provide written guarantee that the art they provide belongs to them or that they have full authority to use art in association with their articles. If art is from a third party photographer or website, writer must provide permission in writing from the source that authorizes the writer and RTM to use said art. Writer’s who submit art for use in RTM that do not have proper authority to use said art will be subject to legal damages.

Assigned articles range from byline only up to $100 for automotive reviews only, an amount to be negotiated and agreed upon in writing by author and publisher before publication of article. Acceptance and payment of article depends on quality and content.

Unsolicited articles that are professionally written and submitted as full manuscripts receive priority consideration, but only when accompanied by acceptance of RTM’s Writer Guideline policy.

Story ideas are not considered at this time.

Syndicated Writers: RTM will consider automotive and travel syndicated writer’s work for monthly placement for $25.00 per article. Syndicated writers must agree to and accept the $25 fee when submitting their work to RTM. Accepted writers will be notified by email from editor within 3 months of submission.

Cat Fancy

From the Web Site:

Thank you for your interest in CAT FANCY, a consumer magazine dedicated to cat care for the responsible owner. Before submitting any materials, read several issues to acquaint yourself with the type of material we use. Our magazine is available at many pet stores, bookstores and other places magazines are sold. Do not send unsolicited manuscripts. We will return them (if accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope) or discard them unread. If you have an idea for an article, please send a written query with a SASE.

Feature Articles
We assign most feature articles to regular contributors, but we occasionally accept a feature from a new contributor.

Each month, we try to provide our readers a mix of informative articles dealing with feline health, nutrition, grooming, behavior and training, as well as special interest articles on cat-related events, hobbies, entertainment or crafts. Breeders, cat-show judges and other experts write our monthly breed profiles, which we assign well in advance. We assign medical features to veterinarians or other health experts. Length: 1,200-1,500 words. Payment: $200-$400.

Departments and Columns
Regular contributors write most of our monthly departments and columns. Exceptions include:
· Kids for Cats. Puzzles, games and how-to pieces for our younger readers. Payment: $20-$75
· Flights of Fancy. Short fiction, poetry or other creative expressions of feeling for cats. Length: 650-800 words. Payment: 2 complimentary copies of the issue in which your story appears.

Your typewritten, single-page query should include the following:
· The topic of your proposed article, expressed in one or two sentences.
· Why this topic will interest our readers.
· Key points you will cover in your article
· Sources you will interview.
· How you will present this topic in a fresh, appealing way.

If possible, include one or two previously published samples of your best writing. Mail your query to the Features Editor, or e-mail it to Include your telephone number and e-mail address. We do not accept phone or fax queries. We may take six weeks to respond.

CAT FANCY pays following publication and buys first North American Serial Rights on an exclusive basis; the nonexclusive right to use the article and/or artwork in electronic media; and the nonexclusive right to use the article and/or artwork as well as your name, image and biographical data in advertising and promotion. We cannot assume responsibility for materials you submit, but we assure you that we will take all reasonable care in handling your work.

Family Business

From the Web Site:

Your audience consists primarily of owners and managers of family-owned businesses. Their various needs are covered by many publications; only Family Business focuses on the family aspect of businesses, and the business aspect of families. For example: Succession, estate planning, sibling rivalries, cousin jealousies, attracting and holding non-family talent, compensating family members vs. non-family employees, raising capital without giving up control. Make these “family business” concerns paramount.

In a family business, many problems that appear to be financial or technical actually stem from emotional roots. Try to delve beneath the surface and get your subjects to talk candidly and introspectively about the human side of the business.

Your readers are busy people. You must entice them to read your story with a compelling lead. Thereafter, you must hold their attention. Any one of the following devices will probably suffice:

Dramatize your subject. Ask yourself: What’s the problem here? How was it solved—or, conversely, how was it fumbled?
Humanize. Wherever possible, illustrate your general points with specific examples, either from your own research or from business news or history. Pseudonymous examples are better than none, but real people are preferable. That’s what readers can relate to.
Paint word pictures. Visual words and images stick to people’s minds. Ask yourself: Would you rather attend a lecture or a movie?
Your article must have a compelling point. Before you plunge too far into the details of your story, ask yourself, “So what?”—and answer that question in your text.

E-mail is the preferred method for submitting queries. Freelance writers are encouraged to propose article ideas. Identify the family business owners you plan to interview.

Have a question? Contact:

Barbara Spector, Editor-in-Chief, Family Business
1845 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 405-6084. Fax: (215) 405-6078





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