Multiple Niche Sites versus One Large Site

I’ve seen it happen numerous times – in fact, I’m guilty of catching blogging fever myself. When someone catches the fever, they are faced with the urge to setup multiple blogs covering a variety of niche topics that are of interest to them. Early in my blogging career I had and was attempting to maintain 13 blogs. That’s right THIRTEEN!

Let me just say it didn’t take long for me to find that was Impossible!

Recently I had a discussion with a friend of mine who would like to begin earning money blogging and would like to start off earning with Google Adsense then expand from there into the more niche affiliates.

My friend asked me how I am personally able to begin a new site and have it make money from the first day when so many other bloggers have set up 10, 20 or more blogs and make peanuts at best.

Where these folks are going wrong is they are spreading their writing much too thin!

Here are a few thoughts you can chew on while pondering those many topics you’d like to begin writing on.

Just because you create a blog does NOT mean readers will come!

The key to earning with Google Adsense is to not have a collection of blogs. The key to earning is all about getting traffic. Without traffic, a blog makes nothing. Over time, you can get a general idea of how much you can earn per 1,000 readers or so. You can have 1 to 50 blogs, but if you don’t have readers and if no one visits you’re not going to make money.

How To Build Traffic

It seems fairly common sense for some, but the best way to get traffic to a new blog is to have other blogs within your niche write about your blog and link back to you.

Make a plan and devote a few days to emailing as many niche based sites as you can find – ask them if they would share a news plug with their readers. You’ll find many bloggers are very willing to share news with their readers. It creates good blog karma!

Regardless of your niche, there are blogs that offer news coverage on that topic. It’s YOUR job to find them and add them to your reader list.

Once you have compiled your list, you will have a valuable tool to assist in directing traffic your direction.

NOTE: Not everyone you email will be overly friendly and willing to share, so don’t get discouraged – just move on to plan B – Content!

Unique Content Is a Must

As tempting as it might be, don’t give in to the urge to use “free article services”.  These articles are available for anyone and everyone to use. The chances of getting a free article mentioned by a fellow blogger are slim to none. Most articles on the free services aren’t of much value anyway. Many successful writers are committed to supplying their readers’ valuable, up-to-date information. Before you ask them to plug you, make sure your content is if equal quality.

Having sites linking to you is paramount in getting Google’s attention. While no one really knows the precise formula for higher Google Page Ranks, it is know that “page rank” is primarily determined by how many sites in your field are linking to you. Get enough inbound links and Google will index your entire site which is a very good thing to have happen.

You Must, I Repeat, MUST Like Your Topic

Creating a money making site takes a lot of work and dedication.

There is no real easy way around it! In order to get your news posted by news sites, you simply cannot use free, overused articles. Because you will have to generate your own unique content, you will want to write about something you’re passionate about.  Many successful bloggers have said that even if they didn’t make money with their topic, they’d still write about it simply because it’s a genuine hobby to them.

Take Away Message:

Explore your passions, start a blog and write about it.

Find the similar blogs that cover your niche, build an email list and send out the news release. That will help build traffic and traffic IS what will make you money.






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