Plagiarizing about Plagiarism

Oh.  My.  Gosh.

So, I think I mentioned that I’ve been doing articles on a lot of crazy topics lately.  One of them was plagiarism.  As I was looking around the web, I found this:  Want to Buy an Essay about Plagiarism?

Seriously.  It’s a web site where you can buy essays to turn in to your teacher and pass off as your own.  And you can buy essays about why plagiarism is wrong.  The absolutely, totally, 100% best part?  They’re horribly written.  Like, you’d pay your money and still flunk your essay for not being able to write.  Here’s a great little gem so you can see what I mean:

I know plagiarism is something that isn’t respected, condoned, or excepted in any part of the education process. Either is it tolerated in any type of assignment. Not only does it steal someone elses work, it robes yourself of the learning experience you can gain on the assignment. Plagiarism by definition is immoral and unethical. Plagiarism is: The submission of material authored by another person but represented as the students own work, whether that material is paraphrased or copied in verbatim or near-verbatim form. The submission of material subjected to editorial revision by another person that results in substantive changes in content or major alteration of writing style and improper acknowledgment of sources in essays, papers, or presentations(Sandra Rhoten).

Basically passing someone elses work as your own, and trying to get away with it. I understand first hand how easy it is to plagiarism someone elses work. If something is said or written in a way that would put your work to shame your instincts tell you must make that work your own somehow.

Isn’t that just beyond awesome?






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  1. Jodee Avatar

    Sheesh….aren’t there any good plagiarized essays about plagiarism out there?

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