Podcasts Freelancers Should Listen To

There’s always something for everyone in the saturated podcast industry; you can bet that as a freelancer, budding or otherwise, you’ll find more than a handful of podcasts that can help you or your writing.

Several of them stand out for being convenient and even life-changing for many freelancers who may be struggling, looking to improve, looking for ideas or inspiration, or just want motivation.

Should you incorporate any of these with what services like Careercloud has to offer for freelancers, you can be on your way to a successful growth in many aspects. So, coupled with that, don’t miss these podcasts if you’re a freelancer:

podcasts for freelancers
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The Moth

If you want to be good at gaining an audience, you want to be able to tell interesting stories. The Moth focuses on that aspect and you’ll find no shortage of insightful stories to listen to and take your cues from. It’s especially useful for freelancers who often have “story time” segments in their blogs or usually deal with such from their clients.

Sometimes you there are even straightforward podcasts or interviews in The Moth detailing how you can improve your storytelling with tips from experts. As for their actual stories, anything under the sun counts as long as its nonfiction, though most of the stories are in the human interest department. In any case, The Moth can surely help a writer with narrative structure, conversational exposition, and emotional leverage— all of which are needed to captivate your readers.

Accidental Creative

For a more straightforward take on the freelancing industry, there’s Accidental Creative. Their podcasts frequently showcase interviews (usually 20+ minutes long) with industry veterans and experts. These are the freelancers you’d want to take advice from and Accidental Creative has done the honor of interviewing them.

Topics range from the specific such as how to “pitch better” to the more general motivational and inspirational leadership interviews. Of course, it’s not just for freelancers— a lot of their content can also be for entrepreneurs and aspiring brand owners who want to make a mark in the world. There’s nothing but big ideas in this podcast website, plus their intro rap music is quite energetic.

podcasts for freelancers

A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me handles the realities of freelancing and how you can turn them to your advantage. At least that’s the case with a lot of their interviews with experienced freelancers. As such, the scenarios they present and how one should deal with them can be more specific and helpful should you find yourself in the same situation.

On the other end of the spectrum, A Little Bird Told Me also offers valuable tips that even longtime freelancers might not have even considered before like dealing with sexism or sexual harassment in the freelancing industry, something most podcasts don’t dare venture into.

Grammar Girl

When it comes to writing, how you present your story or your style might be paramount, but it should never foreshadow your attention to grammar. Grammar Girl podcasts can assist you in that regard. Of course, it’s only focus is the English language but that’s the standard language in international freelancing in any case.

After all, the readability of a writer’s work is more precious than most freelancers think. Grammar Girl’s episodes, as expected consists of the usual grammar usage methods and every now and then, some wordplay tips to make your writing flow smoother. Podcasts like ‘How to Write a Conclusion’ or the ones that discuss certain cultural connotations to otherwise innocent words are sure to improve your technicality in writing.

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High Income Business Writing

High Income Business Writing gives you podcasts that can ensure the time you spend freelancing generates proportional income. As such, it gives interviews that present actionable tips or industry case studies you can learn plenty from. Their podcasts tackle some of the most common productivity issues in writing or freelancing such as procrastination or getting overwhelmed.

They also pair their podcasts with text summaries in case you prefer the gist, though by no means are those accurate transcriptions of the audio. Even seasoned freelancers might find something in High Income Business Writing especially in regards to maximizing their productivity and income while minimizing their stress.

The Side Hustle Show

If you’ve been putting off freelancing because of your 9-5 job or maybe you’re a little too overwhelmed with the prospect of freelancing as a side gig, then The Side Hustle Show might just aid in easing your transition. It’s a podcast website dedicated to opening up new opportunities for previous 9-5 workers who want something more out of their working time.

The Side Hustle Show can give you lessons on building an online empire from scratch or even quitting your day job and committing to a digital nomad’s lifestyle. If you want the best of both worlds (day job + online side gig), the podcast site also has topics on earning thousands of dollars per month doing side jobs. All of these podcasts are also based on real experiences, so you can rest assured that they’re tried and tested.

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