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“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.” ~Stephen Wright

It’s a funny quote, but I wonder just how many writers are sitting around thinking about writing that book they’ve always wanted to write? Of course, there are many factors that come into play.

You may not have the time to work on your book. After all, bills have to be paid.

You may lack inspiration and may be waiting for the right time. Understandable, but it’s also “overcomeable” – a story for another day. Let’s just assume for now that you have an awesome book!

There’s the possibility of issues with publishing. You might have the makings of a book, but what if no publisher picks it up? That’s where the beauty of self-publishing comes into the picture.

The rise of self-publishing

The main thing about self-publishing is that you – the author – do not have to rely on the whims of a publishing house. You can do everything yourself, or at least get the process going. There are two things that contribute to the rise of self-publishing.


This technology has enabled the quality of self-published books to be at par with those created by major publishing houses. Basically, print-on-demand allows the creation of copies of books one at a time, when the demand arises. You can easily see how this can lessen the burden of having to print books in bulk.

Online stores and electronic formats

Amazon is the first and biggest name that comes to mind, although there is no lack of online book retailers. With the Kindle, the iPad, and other eReaders, the electronic book format has become more and more popular, making it easier for authors to publish their work and distribute it as well.

Why self-publish?

The advantages of self-publishing are countless. Some of the most significant ones are:

  • You cut back on publishing times. Everything basically depends on how fast you work and the resources you have under your control. You do not have to wait for the long processes that normally accompany traditional publishing.
  • You earn more. Without the publishing house, you get to keep most of the earnings from your book. Even if you have to pay retailers a cut, you still get a good percentage. Additionally, royalties/payments come in more often as compared to regular publishing standards.
  • You control all the rights. You even control other things such as how your book will look and feel after publishing! Nothing more needs to be said.
  • Timing. If you are writing about something that is currently popular, who is to say that it will still be popular a year down the road? This is a risk that traditionally published authors run, and if you self-publish, you can keep up with the trends, especially if you write fast enough. The reason? It’s much, much faster to get a book out by self-publishing.

What are you waiting for?

So yes, if you have been sitting on that book for a while now, what is stopping you from publishing it? Given that you are actually writing the content, you can easily find all the other resources that you need on how to self-publish.

Stop procrastinating and seize the chance while it’s there.

P.S. If you publish a book any time soon and want to share it with us, just hit us up!





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  1. Bryan E Patrick Avatar

    I did just that. I pulled a novel I’d written some time ago off of the shelf and self-published it. I love seeing it in print. I recommend having the cover professionally done.

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