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We all want to be better writers, right? I’m also willing to bet that, more than that, you want to write faster. After all, if you write better and faster, the more client work you can take on, and the more you can charge for your work.

There’s no lack of articles online – and offline – giving pieces of advice on how to write better and faster. We even published one recently – How to Become a Better Writer.

Today, I came across this infographic which can serve as a quick pick-me-upper and/or guide for those who want to write better and faster.

I agree with most points – especially number 9 (which obviously doesn’t apply to those who don’t drink) – but what do you think? As fellow writers, what can you say about this infographic? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments?

write better and faster

Via Brennan Reid

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  1. Eric Pulsifer Avatar

    Almost there. I must differ slightly on Point #3. Sometimes I have to scrabble & babble to get my first thoughts out. It’s almost like freewriting, but at some point I segue to the project at hand without really noticing when it happened. The ideas usually show up for work shortly after I do.

    That’s not my preference. I’d rather start with an idea of what I’m doing. However, I’m not going to let the lack of one stop me. Even if my daily writing prompt is random fingers striking random keys, I’m gonna start with something.

    The other points? I try to tune out those frequent and ever-tempting distractions. I’ll use a full-screen writing program, old manual typewriter or even a legal pad to do my work. Any of these help keep my head in the game.

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