Should Freelance Writers Invest in a Blog in 2021?

If you’re wondering if it’s worth creating a blog in 2021, the answer is yes – absolutely. Becoming a successful freelance writer requires generating clients, and having a blog is an ideal way to display your work to potential clients. It’s also a great way to earn money on the side through affiliate marketing.

There are 5 main reasons freelance writers need a blog.

1. Blogs make ideal portfolios for writers

For writers, blogs make an ideal portfolio since a blog is an article. Use your blog to showcase your writing by using a design that will “wow” your visitors, like these writing portfolios.

If you write for multiple genres, a blog is already set up to categorize your posts. You can create as many categories as you like and continue adding to your portfolio over time. For instance, when your clients reject your content, you can post it to your blog as a portfolio piece.

2. Blogs help generate clients

A blog is a wonderful resource for generating clients. Just like any other business, you can advertise your services and provide a way for people to contact you. You can even collect email addresses in exchange for a valuable report you’ve written.

To generate clients with a blog, you’ll need to market your blog. Even if you can get traffic by word of mouth, you can always use more if you’re not overbooked.

3. A blog is a creative outlet

Every writer needs a blog just for the sake of having a creative outlet. It’s hard to imagine someone with a passion for writing not having their own blog where they share their thoughts with the world.

4. You can monetize your blog

Freelance writers don’t always have a steady stream of income. A blog makes it possible to earn income on the side through partnerships, guest blogs, and affiliate marketing.

5. Blogs are relatively easy to rank in the search engines

Ranking a blog isn’t effortless, but it’s easier for writers to rank a blog than it is for some people to rank a website. Many website owners struggle to create high-quality content, whereas writers can create excellent content almost without effort.

Great content is the foundation for every digital marketing and SEO campaign, so writers have an advantage.

Creating a blog is inexpensive

It really doesn’t take much money to start a blog these days. Although, you will need a small budget. While you can get a free blog on platforms like Wix and, your capabilities will be severely limited and will prevent you from creating an optimal blog.

Ideally, you should buy a custom domain name and host your blog on a shared hosting account. You won’t need expensive hosting (like a cloud server or dedicated server) just to run your blog. You can expect the following expenses:

  • $15/year for a domain name
  • $10/month for hosting (or less if you pay for a few years in advance)
  • $100 for a professional theme for your chosen CMS

You can be up and running in 1 day

If you know your way around your preferred CMS, like WordPress, you can get your blog up and running within one day. If you’re not familiar with cPanel or Plex hosting environments, you’ll need to hire someone to set up your blog. However, it won’t take long.

Once you have your domain name and hosting, you’re good to start building your blog. Check out the Blog Starter to learn more about starting a blog in 2021.

Although it’s easy to get a blog going, it will require a big commitment on your part. There are three specific commitments you’ll need to make to run a successful blog:

Commitment #1: Provide immense value

Value is the reason visitors will return to your blog. Whether you provide products, services, or information, people will return if they like what you have to offer.

Commitment #2: Be open to working with advertisers

Once your blog becomes successful, you’ll probably get contacted by advertisers asking to place small ads on your site. You also might want to enroll in Google’s Adsense program. Be open to working with advertisers to generate income.

Commitment #3: Create a budget for digital marketing

If your content is really good, you’ll see some success naturally. However, you won’t get far without professional digital marketing and SEO services.

Be strategic

Be strategic with your blog and take advantage of multiple functions. For instance, use your blog as a portfolio, a creative outlet, and a way to generate clients.

When it comes to content, aim to dominate your niche. You’ll make far more money as a writer if you can make yourself the top go-to freelance writer in your niche.





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