Simple Exercises You Can Do During Short Breaks


Feeling sluggish with a hint of lower back pain during work hours lately? You may want to double-check your current routine. Working in front of your laptop or desktop for at least six hours a day may develop short-term and long-term negative consequences. According to studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), the absence of physical movement is a key risk factor for noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes. But fret not, we know a few simple exercises to help you kick-off that active lifestyle in no time.

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1. Jog in place

Freelance-Writing-Jobs-Simple-Exercises-You-Can-Do-During-Short-Breaks - Jog in Place

We’re pretty sure you’re already familiar with this one. This no-fuss cardio workout can easily be done by anyone because it’s easy to recreate the right form. It also allows you to burn some calories without the need for any gym equipment. If you’re feeling a little sleepy, just stand up beside your desk, time your self for 15 seconds, and start jogging.

2. Squats

Freelance-Writing-Jobs-Simple-Exercises-You-Can-Do-During-Short-Breaks - Squats

Wake up that “dead butt”! Stretch out your lower muscles by doing a 15-second squats workout after your first exercise. Proven to help different muscle groups, this type of exercise can also help you sustain daily activities such as grocery runs, Marie Kondo-ing your space, or simply climbing the stairs in the long run.

3. Jumping Jacks

Freelance-Writing-Jobs-Simple-Exercises-You-Can-Do-During-Short-Breaks - Jumping Jacks

If you still find yourself yawning in between the first two exercises, here’s something to awaken you. For about a minute or two, find your position away from any obstruction, raise those arms, and start doing a few jumps. Who knows after a set, you may have already have an idea for your next article!

4. Incline push-ups

Incline push ups

Of course, your upper body also needs some loving. Cap off your mini-workout with good incline push-ups to warm up those arm muscles. If you want to take your workout to the next level, go ahead and do a full-fledged push up with a family member. Don’t forget to do a little bit of stretching before you proceed with this exercise so as to not twist your ligaments and risk injury.

With a goal comes a habit. Try sticking to one or two workouts if you’re not yet used to spending a short break during your workdays. Who knows? You might find yourself in the near future looking for more workout routines because it helped you in terms of staying awake with an extra boost of creativity at work.


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