7 Reasons You Should Specialize in a Writing Product, Not a Niche

Standing out in a sea of freelancers isn’t always easy, which is why many writers fill a niche by focusing on a specific style or genre of writing. Another path to follow is to specialize in a specific product instead. This involves targeting a particular area of writing, such as online catalogue descriptions, SEO content, short ad copy, white papers, contract writing, or newsletters.

It’s a tactic that’s sure to get you recognition and is likely to bring in plenty of clients who want an expert working on their project.

Let’s look at the benefits of becoming a specialist in just one type of writing product:

Simplify Your Business

If you can answer the question of what you do in just one simple sentence, people will be more inclined to hire you. A brief description of your skills and area of expertise will make you top of the list for clients looking for someone in your field. People will remember you because they know exactly what you do.

[bctt tweet=”If you can answer the question of what you do in just one simple sentence, people will be more inclined to hire you.” username=”freelancewj”]

On the flip side, finding projects you want to work on will be a lot simpler because you’ll be able to do focused searches for new work. There’s no more pouring through job descriptions and trying to decide if you have all the right skills. You’ll know immediately if a job is suited to your skillset and expertise.

Earn A Reputation as the Go-to Writer for that ONE thing

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Someone who specializes in something specific is generally seen as an expert. This immediately enhances your reputation among other freelancers and ensures you stand apart. If you can earn a reputation for a specific product, you’ll be the go-to choice and will more than likely benefit from referrals too.

If clients know you are the preferred content supplier for a product, they’ll seek you out. You become the obvious option based on your in-depth knowledge and scope of experience.

Resilient to Market Changes

If you stick to a single product, your business model will remain fairly stable as the world around you fluctuates. Essentially, you’ll profit from becoming a specialist. Over time, you’ll build a brand that clients can trust. This will lead to a reputation for being reliable.

If you’re known as someone who can be trusted to get work done, you’ll find it much easier to find clients—even in struggling economic times. This is a big win for a freelancer, as too often they’re the first to feel the pinch when companies need to save money in an economic downturn.

Hone Your Skill to Perfection

When you’re only focusing on one specific product, you can truly take the time to master it. You won’t be split across different styles of writing, and the various thought processes that go with it. However, the key is to pick a particular product that already speaks to you, and your style of working. This will make it a lot easier to accumulate the relevant knowledge and be able to relay it in a concise, articulate manner.

[bctt tweet=”When you’re only focusing on one specific product, you can truly take the time to master it.” username=”freelancewj”]

Having a strong foundation of knowledge and practice in your chosen product will make it far easier to stay up to date with changes and developments. It’s much simpler to add to a broad knowledge base as new techniques, trends, and information come into existence. It’s also your job to make sure you stay on top of what’s happening in your targeted field if you intend to remain an expert in it.

Level-up in Clients

Being an expert in something generally leads to a better class of clients. You’ll get the discerning companies and individuals seeking you out for your specific skill set, and they’ll be more willing to pay a premium rate.

By attracting a more focused client-base you’ll avoid the pitfalls of justifying your rates to people who want everything for nothing. Clients that you work with will understand your expertise has value, and you should be remunerated accordingly.

Market Yourself in a Single Direction

Having just one marketing message gives you a step up from other freelancers. While they’re wasting time trying to list everything that they do (at varying levels of proficiency), you can zero in on your message—that you’re an expert at this particular writing product and you know you’re good at it.

Everything in your marketing arsenal, including your website, portfolio, business card, and social media profiles, can all have a targeted focus. You can immediately make it clear what you specialize in, and what kind of work you can provide. Potential clients will instantly know that you’re the person they’re looking for.

Productize, Systemize, and Scale

By specializing in a single writing product, you’re streamlining your freelance career. A specialist who only does one thing is far more efficient than someone who switches between various modes of writing and types of clients.

You’ll be able to create a system of working that allows you to move through each client or project with precision. Additionally, you’ll know that the work you’ve done is well-executed every time.

This will also make it easier to scale up your business. As you become more efficient, you can take on more work and charge higher rates.

Writers Work - Get Paid to Write

Remember, clients are paying for your expertise and the time you’ve put into refining your skills. They’re not necessarily paying for the word count or length of time you spent creating the content they require. You can calculate the markup on your rates according to your experience and the knowledge you bring to the table.

Build A Career As A Writing Master

Too often freelancers offer a wide range of services to secure more clients. This opens them up to diluting their skill set rather than refining a single area of expertise. If you target just one writing product, you can master it – and clients will love you for it.

This post was written by Jill Goodwin, a content champion for a variety of online publications. She often covers topics that care to business owners and entrepreneurs with a strong focus on finances, productivity, management, and a few other topics.


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  1. John Palment Avatar

    Great article. I really liked your opinion and you clearly conveyed why you should focus your attention on the product and not on the market. Tell me, how, then, can I sell my product if there is no specific understanding what is the target audience for my product? Who, then, will buy my product if I don’t know the market?

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