The Facebook Fan Page Saga Kicks Off

In a previous post I said I wasn’t too on board with the whole making a separate Facebook page for your blog (or pages for your many blogs as the case may be). However, after Facebook introduced “Like” vs. “Fan” I felt better about pages in general and finally created my very own blog page. Yikes.

Why the change of heart?

One was because of the “Like” issue – something about the term fan rubbed me the wrong way. Secondly, I thought it was time for a page because my blog’s page views have shot up and I’m writing there more often (i.e. I have way more links now). Plus, I wanted to secure my blog’s name before someone else did.

Mostly though, I created a dedicated Facebook page so I could separate myself from my topic. I write about environmental topics – which is my dream job. Back when I first started blogging I wanted to write about green issues all the time but often, in order to make a living, I didn’t have that kind of choice. I’d write about anything – computers, architecture, budgeting, bullies and more and that was fine, but really I would have rather been writing about green issues.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve managed to carve out a niche for myself by working hard and becoming much more well known in my topic field. Now all my gigs (minus two) are related to the environment and oddly sometimes I get sooooooooo tired of thinking about green issues. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE eco-issues and I know that I’m hyper lucky because I do get to write about a topic I adore day in and day out but honestly, I need a freaking break. Some days I don’t want to have to care about organics and water conservation and energy and greenwashing. I don’t really want to see my personal Facebook page peppered with green links – you know?

Making a page for my eco-links works out better for me in terms of sanity. I get a green break when I visit my own profile page.

Still there are cons though…

  • Deb’s post on driving community away from your blog is something you should seriously consider before making a Facebook page.
  • Creating a good Facebook page is a little time consuming IMO. I know not everyone agrees, but after managing Facebook pages for clients, I still think managing a page is work. Especially when you run into lame little glitches such as, how to “Like” another page as your page, not as your profile (frustrating). PS I figured that out with some help.
  • It’s somewhat difficult to track if a Facebook page is successful. Yeah, you might have 20,000 fans but how does that translate to better traffic, sales, or other perks at your actual blog. I’m sure for some bigger companies the perks are obvious, but for a blog I think it’s harder to track those perks.

Be prepared…

Being the hyper anal list-maker that I am, I researched making a successful page before I made mine. You should too. There are many helpful guides out there to help you create a kick-ass vs. mediocre Facebook page. Keep in mind though that your page doesn’t have to start out awesome, it will evolve over time and you should still be yourself. Following are some helpful links.

Beyond reading some tip guides I checked out all my favorite pages looking for pros and cons. This is a great tactic when planning your own page because you already know which pages you visit and why. You shouldn’t copy other people’s pages, but gathering ideas is smart. Here are five pages I really like…

Freelance Writing Jobs – NO I was not bribed by Deb. Deb’s page is not flashy and there are no images (something I like in a page) but this is honestly the page at Facebook I visit the most. Why? Because Deb draws me in with fun questions and casual conversation. It’s always a fun page and offers me an awesome break in my day.

The Thrifty Mommy – money saving is a pet topic of mine so I already know a lot. That said I don’t visit this page for tips much BUT if you were a mom looking to learn some money saving tips you’d be all over this page. Karen not only updates frequently, but has a killer profile image that’s cute and attractive and also adds little perks for the community like coupons and recipe images.

Village Free School – this is the page for my son’s school and not a popular page at all. However, what it does well is build a sense of community among members who do have kids at the school and gives a nice sneak peak at what it would be like if your child did attend. There are frequently updated pictures and events and if you’ve got a small local business this is a good page to mimic. One thing I’d suggest – if you have a page like this I’d amp up the conversation; post little questions, like Deb does.

Tremendous News – I LOVE the Tremendous News blog and the Facebook page for said blog is equally as fun. Many of the questions offered up here make little to no sense and sometimes the owner of this blog is hands down rude but he’s always hilarious. This page makes me laugh and this guy gets pages of comments so he must be doing something right.

Local Harvest – this Facebook page isn’t all that interesting in terms of funny content or bling apps but what it does well is delivers what the community wants day in and day out. There’s no going off topic here. If you’re looking for up-to-date info on food news and safety, organics, local food programs and so on, you’re guaranteed to find it here. This is something to keep in mind. You want to offer what your specific community wants. Going off topic often is a little sketchy in terms of a news-minded site.

Of course you can also check out some really popular pages:

Now, will having a Facebook help me out or just give me more to do? Who knows. I know it’ll get those green links off my personal page. I’ll let it fly for a month or so then I’ll come back here and write an update to let you know how it’s going and if I’ve run into any issues.

PS of course, if you’re into green living you can join my page.

Tell me how your Facebook page is doing – OR are you considering starting one? Why?


7 responses
  1. Peggy Avatar

    Thanks. This has been on my to-do list for a couple weeks.
    .-= Peggy´s last blog ..Your Perfume Could Harbor Nasty Secrets =-.

  2. Su-sieee! Mac Avatar

    Thanks for the post, Jennifer. It’s giving me more to think about whether I ought to start a separate Facebook page for my writing self. I think I’m overloading my personal page with my blogs’ links. And, I’m getting the picture that really only a handful of my FB friends are clicking over to read my stuff. Having the separate page may also get me back into a disciplined writing mode. I did say “may.” 🙂
    .-= Su-sieee! Mac´s last blog ..The Solicitation =-.

    1. Jennifer Avatar

      Getting you disciplined is actually a good point. A dedicated Facebook page could help with that.

  3. Michelle | Bleeding Espresso Avatar

    I was an extremely reluctant FB blog page maker, but now I *love* having one (several, actually for different blogs I run); I find that it’s one more way to connect with my readers (some of whom never commented on the blog but now comment all the time on FB — after following a FB link to a blog post and then back to FB). I also love that I can quickly post things on FB I think my readers will find interesting — links to contests, articles, etc. — that I don’t want to write a whole post about on the blog.

    Also, I don’t necessarily want all my blog readers as FB friends, so this is a good way around that; for one thing, I do get political (and otherwise personal) on my personal profile, and that has nothing to do with my blog, so it’s nice to keep them separate.

    You may not see direct results in your blog traffic immediately, but for me personally, that isn’t really the goal of a FB page anyway. I mostly like the idea that talking to my readers on a daily basis became *really* easy…I don’t think of it as “losing blog community” so much as expanding it into a different arena. And I think that sort of thing, over time, does make a positive difference in how people view you and your blog…kind of like an “if you build it” thing 🙂
    .-= Michelle | Bleeding Espresso´s last blog ..The Lay of the Land in Calabria =-.

  4. Natalia Avatar

    I am actually in the process of creating a fan page for my blog and I recently did a post on this myself. I held back because I didn’t really want my personal profile to be linked to my page, but I realize that your name doesn’t have to appear if you don’t want it to. Great post!
    .-= Natalia´s last blog ..Featured Entrepreneur: Ryan Joseph =-.

  5. Karen Avatar

    Welcome to the other side. hahahah And thanks for the link. 😉
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Harris Teeter Super Double Coupons 5/19-5/25 =-.

  6. Rick LaPoint Avatar

    I recently created a Fan Page for my new site, more to see what would happen than anything. My profile is pretty much blank on anything I have on Facebook, as I have read the news about how they sell everything about you!

    It’s really more about carefully crafting your on-line Identity. And, while the old saying was that if you weren’t on the Internet, you weren’t in business, now that holds for Facebook. Simply being there shows you’re hip enough to know what’s happening. (oh gosh, that last line soooo gives away my age…)

    So I created the Fan Page and posted a few links to my site (nothing like what you have) and within a few days I was “liked” by four people. Well, I may not be hip but I’m certainly not stupid, so I promptly put a Facebook Badge on my site showing their smiling/snarling faces.

    Only time will tell if the whole thing is helpful to Traffic. Right now it reminds me of the old days where sites were trying to rack up “award buttons” from other sites. I had some, then quickly realized I could get more traffic by creating my own award. Indeed, I got more traffic that wanted my award than wanted my content, lol.

    One thing I have already noticed is that some of those who “like” me really only like me so they can post their own advertisement on my page. Oy, I feel so, so used…

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