The Myth of the Perfect Freelance Writing Gig

Do you dream of the “perfect” freelance writing gig? I bet that a lot of us do. It might be a certain client you would do just about anything to work with (the name “Deb Ng” might come to mind right about now, but I digress…..).

I used to think there was one perfect gig, too, but now that I’ve been a freelance writer for awhile, I’ve changed my thinking on this subject. Much like there isn’t a Perfect Man (or Woman, as the case may be), there isn’t one perfect gig – and what a wonderful thing that is!

What if there was only one gig that would be a good fit for you….and you were having an off day when you applied for it? Or the client didn’t like your choice of samples? Or you couldn’t agree on fees or deadlines? Or you started the project and the client had to pull the plug because they ran of out money?

You get the idea. The idea that there is only one perfect gig puts a lot of pressure on a freelance writer. We already have enough stuff that we need to deal with in keeping our current clients happy and juggling our work schedules, not to mention having people in our lives who don’t really understand what we do.

The types of freelance writing gigs that work well for you at one stage of your career may not work so well at another. As you gain experience and develop your skills, you may find that you like certain types of writing more than others. What might be a perfect fit for me may not work for you, and vice versa. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with either of our choices.

The perfect freelance writing gig is one that works for you. Yes, you should have goals that you are working toward and it’s OK to have a wish list of clients you would like to work with. Just don’t ignore the great opportunities that are around you right now because you are waiting for the Perfect Gig.





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  1. Erik Hare Avatar

    To me, perfection is achieved when I am paid on time. 🙂
    .-= Erik Hare´s last blog ..The Age of Anxiety =-.

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