Top Apps Perfect for Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer, you’ve probably figured out by now that technology can be your friend. You likely live on your computer, are addicted to Google, and went to great lengths to choose a quality Web host and blog service when setting up your online presence.

However, it’s also good to keep an eye out on the many top apps perfect for freelancers that are released every year. Read on for some of the best that you should try out in 2015 in order to make your work day more productive and less stressful.



Are you looking for an app that will help you get organized and provide an easy way to keep track of all the notes you make and info you read? If so, join the more than 100 million other users of Evernote today.

This popular free app makes it simple to easily access all of your information, both on the go and at home or at the office.

Evernote has a very user-friendly design that helps you to save and sort a variety of data, such as to-do lists, ideas, websites, invoices, receipts, appointments, voice memos and more.

The app works on most devices, and can be synced between phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. You can even save and search information by keywords, tags, or your own written text (you can even add words to text images to make them easier to search at a later date). Emails are incorporated into Evernote’s design too, meaning that you can file important messages from your clients, contacts, or editors to access at a later date, no matter where in the world you might be.


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Another handy app for freelancers, that suits both iOS and Android operating systems, is Expensify. This technology makes it easy to keep track of all your daily, weekly or monthly expenses, and means that you don’t have to spend as much time getting your tax returns and expense claims up to date.

Use Expensify to upload your credit or debit card transactions and cash claims while you’re away for work or even just on the go.

Straight after paying for a business lunch or a cab fare, for example, your expenses can be automatically imported if paid via card, or quickly uploaded by you with a scanned photo of a receipt if paid by cash. From there, your expenses can then be set to integrate seamlessly with any number of accounting, payroll, CRM or ERP solutions. Expensify interacts with popular systems such as Xero, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, QuickBooks, and more.

Dragon Dictation


If you find that your typing speed can’t keep up with your thoughts, consider utilizing the Dragon Dictation app. The system is easy to use — you simply need to hit the “Record” button and your dictated words transform into text before your eyes — and works with both iOS and Android gadgets.

Once you’ve finished recording your ideas, hit “Done” on the app, then copy and paste the completed text into whichever preferred word-processing program you use. You can even use the app to record emails and texts.


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Many freelance writers need to keep track of the time spent on projects so that they can bill clients appropriately. In addition, sometimes you just need to know how long a task has taken you so that you can quote to do something similar, or learn how to finish the job more quickly in future. A great app to help keep track of the time spent on any task is Toggl.

This simple time-tracking system keeps an eye on your working hours with just one click, and doesn’t even need Internet access to do so (it just tracks time spent and then syncs the data once you are online again). The offline access is perfect if you prefer to disconnect from the Internet to do your work distraction free, or if you like to get jobs done from places such as coffee shops or parks.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Considering that writers are playing with words every day, it’s important that they also have easy access to a dictionary. One of the best apps for wordsmiths is the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The free, online version of the popular reference book contains the complete Collegiate Dictionary plus a limited thesaurus.
Alternatively, for just a few dollars, you can take advantage of a paid option that adds a comprehensive inclusion of synonyms and antonyms. This version of the app also includes a number of foreign words and phrases that are regularly used by English-speaking writers.





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