What’s in a Work at Home Writer’s Pantry/Fridge?

writer's pantry

Let’s take a break from writing, shall we?

In a guest entry I wrote for Flexjobs about how we freelancers can save money, one of the things I highlighted was always having food in the house.

The underlying reason is simple enough: you can more easily resist the temptation to call for delivery or go out to eat.

Of course, there are more things that come into play – like self-control – but as I was taking stock of my pantry yesterday, I got curious about how you guys approach this “writer’s pantry issue”. Here’s a quick look at my stock – the essentials for quick meals.

Food in less than 5 minutes!
More coffee!

Now, before you judge me, I do have real food. We make it a point never to run out of pasta and tuna (our go-to dinner), and the awesome freezer of ours keeps meat good for months on end, so there is always something. Then there’s always bread of some sort, and being Asian, a full rice bin is handy.

These items above are quick life savers for me.

Your turn: What is in your pantry right now?

I’m pretty it’s obvious by now that there are no kids in my house, so your list will probably different, but what are the items that you always make sure you are never without so that you can go about your writing work without getting distracted by having to make a quick supermarket (or convenience store) run?

Share in the comments!

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