What’s Your Stand on File Sharing Platforms?

File sharing has been around ever since digital files existed. From sharing files using floppy disks to using online platforms – these are all forms of file sharing. With the advances in technology, however, file sharing has become such a widespread activity.

There is the common misconception that file sharing – and thus the platforms allowing them – is automatically related to shady activities. While this idea may be justified, there are actually a lot of legitimate uses for file sharing platforms: sharing copies of your ebook, sharing photos of your vacation, and so on.

When it comes to file sharing platforms, I suppose there is no cut and dried answer. Take for example one of the newest platforms to hit the news – Kim Dotcom’s MEGA. You may be familiar with the name Kim Dotcom. That’s because he is the founder of now defunct Megaupload, which banged heads with the law last year. The entrepreneur has not taken things lying down, and he has made a comeback with MEGA.

One would understand how it can be attractive to users. How does 50GB worth of FREE storage sound? Even Dropbox cannot compete with that! Here’s an infographic to give you more information about MEGA.

online file sharing
MEGA: Privacy or Piracy

Those things being considered, I personally think that file sharing platforms are not inherently evil. It’s in the way that you use them, don’t you think? Why don’t you share your thoughts?





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  1. Q.T. Getomov Avatar
    Q.T. Getomov

    I was talking about filesharing with a friend just the other day. Watching streaming content from Putlocker and the like, we felt, was ok. It’s like watching TV, you watch it then you forget about it. If you dowload it onto your computer to keep, that’s a different story. You want it so much that you mean to keep it permanently then you should buy the DVD or pay for a legitimate download. I think that’s fair really.

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