What Writing Does to Your Brain [Infographic]

We’re all writers here, although we do sometimes struggle with how to call/label ourselves. One thing is for sure, though: we know that there are wonderful things that happen in our brains when we write.

However, have you ever really thought (or read) about what writing does to your brain?

I found this interesting, albeit not-so-recent, infographic about writing and your brain, and I thought I’d share it with you today.

There are a lot of insights to be discovered, but here is a quick summary:

  • The physical act of writing brings information to the forefront and triggers your brain to pay closer attention. That’s why you remember things better when we write them down. (Not to mention the fact that you can also revisit what you wrote…but that’s a totally different thing.)
  • Storytelling is more memorable than presenting bare facts. This is because areas of the brain associated with experiences are activated when something is presented in “story mode” as opposed to “fact mode” (this includes emotions).
  • Cliches, since they have been read so many times, are bypassed by the brain; so, yes, that’s why writers are “told” to avoid cliches like the plague.

Writing and your brain do have a very close relationship. While I am sure there is no need to convince you of that fact, I think that the inquisitive part of the writer in you will enjoy the data below.

Here’s the entire infographic for your reading – and hopefully, later, writing – pleasure.

writing and your brain


Via Daily Infographic





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