5 Companies That Hire Freelance Writers

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While you love the flexibility that comes with a freelance writing career, you don’t necessarily love having to always look for a job, either. If only there were a way to secure a semi-permanent freelance writing position, you’d have the perfect work-life balance. There are companies that do hire remote writers on a more consistent basis than others, which allows you to do what you do best: write.

Here are just five companies that hire freelance writers.


One of the largest companies to offer freelance writing jobs, About.com is one of the biggest sites on the Internet. A plethora of people (aptly called “Guides”) write the content for About.com, to the tune of 2.8 million articles on over 70,000 subjects—and growing. This company is constantly expanding its topics lists, which provides steady work for scribes everywhere.

Current Flexible Jobs at About.com:

Guide—Wedding Style; Guide—New York Giants; Guide—Baby’s First Year

LoveToKnow Corp.

LoveToKnow understands that the Internet is loaded with information, but much of it can be useless or incorrect. The goal of this online media giant is to provide accurate, targeted, high quality information to Internet users in an easy-to-understand format. LoveToKnow consistently hires freelance writers and editors as it continues to grow.

Current Flexible Jobs at LoveToKnow Corp.:

Blogger Recruiter-Telecommuting; Writer-Editor; Hair Writer


One of the top publishers in the health and wellness arena, Rodale publishes well-known lifestyle magazines and books—all with a health-oriented slant. For example, Rodale publishes Women’s Health, Prevention, and Men’s Health, in addition to popular books like Eat This, Not That and The Flat Belly Diet.

Current Flexible Jobs at Rodale:

Food/Health Freelance Writer; Editorial Aide; Online Editor


Founded in 2008, Shmoop’s mission is a noble one. With a goal “to make you a better lover (of literature, poetry, US history, writing, and more),” Shmoop helps students and regular folks alike better understand literature and culture in a fun way. The organization also focuses on college readiness and believes that education can be fun. Shmoop offers freelance jobs, part-time jobs, and telecommuting jobs.

Current Flexible Jobs at Shmoop:

Project-Based Curriculum Writer Art History; Curriculum Writer: Computer Programming; Content Writer: Culinary Arts


A New York City-based organization and website, Thrillist boasts the best in entertainment, clubs, food, and other must-visit venues in major cities throughout the United States. Each week, The Thrill List gives its readers recommendations for hotspots that many people may not know about…yet. The company continuously hires freelance writers to provide content for its ever-growing website.

Current Flexible Jobs at Thrillist:

Freelance Writer, Portland; Freelance Expert Bachelor Party Journalist; Writer, NYC

Sure, it’s important to get new clients even if you have enough regular work. But just because you want a job as a freelance writer doesn’t mean that you will always have to hunt for work. Creating a connection with a company that consistently hires freelance writers is one of the best ways to ensure steady work—and to write your way to better work-life balance.

This post was written by Jenifer Blais who works at Flexjobs.com as Partnerships Coordinator.


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    I’m very interested in the flexible jobs at Rodale, but I can’t seem to find them on their website. All the positions seem to be based in Emmaus or NYC. Help?

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    BitLife is a text-based life simulation game that allows players to live out a virtual life from birth to death.

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