50 Submission Guidelines Pages

The job boards aren’t the only places to find freelance writing jobs. Sometimes it’s as easy as looking for submission guidelines or “write for us” pages. Granted, these aren’t client-based projects and regular jobs, but they’re good opportunities nonetheless. What I like about pitching the online and offline magazine markets is that they tend to pay more money than many of the advertised (job board) freelance writing jobs.

In 2010, the work is there, provided you take the time to look.

Over the past few days I’ve had the opportunity to research submissions guidelines from a variety of markets. I think we have something for everyone here. Some of these markets have been featured in the submissions guideline section of our daily freelance writing jobs section and some are making their debut here at Freelance Writing Jobs.

50 Submissions Guidelines Pages


  1. Chicken Soup for the Soul – Pays $200
  2. Cup of Comfort – .05 – .09/word


  1. Cicada – Payment varies
  2. Cricket- .25/word
  3. Highlights – $25 – $150 and up

Hobby & Lifestyle

  1. AARP – Pays $1/word
  2. AskMen.com – Pays $50/article
  3. Back to College – $50 –  $80/article
  4. Love of Quilting – $200
  5. Make – $25 – $100
  6. Quilting Arts, Cloth Paper Scissors & Stitch – Unspecified pay
  7. Yoga Journal – Unspecified Pay
  8. Zora & Alice – Pays $20 – $100

Literary & Poetry

  1. The Missouri Review – Pays $30/page
  2. Blackbird – Unspecified pay
  3. One Story – $100/story


  1. Funny Times – $60
  2. Orion – Will be open for submissions in June
  3. The Sun – Pays $300 – $2000


  1. Backpacker – .60 – $1.00/word
  2. New Jersey Outdoors – Payment to be determined
  3. Sierra Magazine – Unspecified pay


  1. Mothering Unspecified pay
  2. Innovative Kids

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Mystery

  1. Abyss & Apex – Up to $75/story
  2. Analog – Up to $600/story
  3. ClarksWorld – .10/word
  4. Dark Wisdom – pays .05/word
  5. Escape Pod – Pays $20 – $100
  6. New York Review of Science Fiction – $10 – $25
  7. Strange Horizons – $50/story
  8. Beneath Ceasless Skies – .05/word
  9. Neo-Opsis – Up to $125 CDN
  10. Jim Baer’s Universe – .25/word


  1. Abroad View – $25/story
  2. World Hum – Payment Varies
  3. National Geographic Traveler
  4. Traveler’s Tales – $100/story


  1. Women On Writing – $50 – $150
  2. Writer’s Digest – .30 – .50/word
  3. Write from Home – Pays $25/article – $10 for reprint

To be continued….

Like these? Want more? We have more submission guidelines coming. In the mean time, maybe you’ll find these posts listing guidelines and markets useful:

Have you successfully queried one of these markets? Please feel free to share in the comments. We have plenty more markets and guidelines coming up!






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  1. RainyDaySaver Avatar

    Thanks for putting this together — submission guides can be a great help to writers who are just starting out.
    .-= RainyDaySaver´s last blog ..Do You Have to Give Up Convenience in Order to Save Money? =-.

  2. Veronica Shine Avatar

    This is wonderful to find so many guidelines in one location. Thanks Deb. Keep this list going as I have bookmarked for reference.

  3. Kristine - Freelance Writing Jobs Philippines Avatar

    Wow. Thank you for this! 🙂 Really helpful for young freelance writers…

    Now I just hope they accept people from Asia 🙂
    .-= Kristine – Freelance Writing Jobs Philippines´s last blog ..Freelance Writing Jobs in the Philippines 02.24.10 =-.

  4. NancyA Avatar


    In the Outdoors category, please note that New Jersey Outdoors is no longer being published.

  5. Praise And Worship CD Avatar

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  6. Helmut Wagabi Avatar

    Hi! Any valuable information on freelance writing for hospitality magazines?

    I will highly appreciate you response.

    Thank you.

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