5 WordPress Themes for Freelance Writer Websites

Every freelance writer should have a website, and building a website using WordPress.org is perfect for making your life easy, boosting search engine optimization efforts, and looking great.

What’s the first thing people do when they receive your query letter, resume, or email?  They Google you.  You need to make sure your website, blog, Facebook profile, Twitter profile, and every other online touchpoint accurately reflects who you are and what you can do for potential employers and clients.  Ultimately, all roads should lead back to your core branded online destination — your website.

How do you find a great WordPress theme to use to build your site?  There are so many to choose from!  Whether you hire a blog designer to help you or you dive into WordPress yourself, you need a great premium theme to start with.  Check out the five themes below, which are affordable, well-coded, and look great for freelance writer websites!

1. MyResume from ElegantThemes

MyResume is the simplest option on this list in terms of visual appeal, but it works well in its simplicity.

2. BusinessCard by ElegantThemes

BusinessCard is another theme that’s fairly simple in its visual appeal.  As with all theme from ElegantThemes, it’s very easy to customize.

3. SophisticatedFolio by WooThemes

Want to get a bit more sophisticated?  Then the SophisticatedFolio theme from WooThemes might be right for you.

4. Feature Pitch by WooThemes

I like the Feature Pitch theme because you can get really creative with how you use the home page to draw visitors into your site to learn more about you.

5. Fresh Folio by WooThemes

Fresh Folio is another portfolio theme from WooThemes, but it has a simpler look to it than the SophisticatedFolio theme does.

What application did you use to build your freelance writing website?  Leave a comment and share what works for you!


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  1. Eileen Avatar

    I used wordpress. I have the ZenLite theme which is a simpler layout than the ones highlighted here but I found it easy to customize and really like the clean,minimalist look.

  2. Pat Steer (Gaelen) Avatar

    Susan, I agree that having a website is very important for a freelance writer, and I also recommend WordPress.org. But while I love many of Elegant Themes’ products, and I actually own several Woo Themes (buy one, get four free – who could resist?), each of my websites is currently using a free theme from the WordPress.org library. I’ve experimented with others, but the ones I’ve chosen – including Light Grafitti for patsteer.com – had a flatter learning curve and has allowed me to build a recognizable online presence with more time invested in content and less on maintaining the backend. If a writer is a personal website virgin, starting with a theme from the WP.org library is an easy way to get his/her feet wet, get a website up and running, and try online presences on – for free. We have enough expenses when we’re starting out. Buying a theme doesn’t have to be one of them.

  3. Susan Gunelius Avatar

    Pat, I agree, there are a lot of great free WordPress.org themes available. I like the ones from BloggingTips.com, for example. Free themes can be a bit scary for people who aren’t very familiar with WordPress though since they don’t always come with any kind of support and aren’t always coded that well. I’ll recommend some free ones next time, so readers have that choice, too. There are many good ones to be found between the clutter.

  4. Susan Gunelius Avatar

    Don’t forget, a blog theme is a tax deductible marketing expense! 🙂

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