Beware for Writing and Journalism Work

Briefly, draws people in when the organization starts up in your “hometown” or City. THe Ad promises writing jobs, when the editor calls you for an interview, the writing position turns out to be an all in one Directory Listings position. You have to go to businesses where people do not want you to include their business in the Directory, are required to take 10 photos of the inside and outside of the business and then, when their crunch is over, they hire a whole new set of writers for the editorial side. I got stuck writing a column that got comments (which is what they want), interactive readers. I also write for Yahoo and I have never seen anything like that in any of the media outlooks I worked for on a long term basis. The Editor does not keep track of anyone and many times, there are typos and errors in his own stories. Take the job if you need it, but I suggest walking away if they do call you. I hate to say it, but the outlet is terribly unprofessional and should be better managed from the top on down. Don’t even bring up the awful pay for writers.

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  1. Jeff Avatar

    This post would be a bit more credible if it wasn’t so badly written.

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