eBooks in PDF Format: A Quick & Easy Way to Sell Your Writing

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When we think about eBooks, we generally think Kindle, Nook or iPad formatting, which have their own specifications about how the pages and images are laid out. Converting a standard Word document into one of these formats requires properly formatting your Word document first or using a service that handles the formatting and conversion for you.

What is often overlooked by writers is the fact that all of these e-readers can also read files saved in pdf format. There is a formatting option that is as simple as clicking on the “Save As” or the “Export To” function in your word processing software, then selecting the pdf file format and extension.

For the unpublished author or writers of shorter pieces and books that require unique formatting, a pdf file can be the ideal format to create the book quickly and with very little expense other than your own time putting it together. Here are some of the types of pdf eBooks that are being sold on the Internet:

  1. Poetry – Poetry, by its very nature, requires specific line formatting. This can be difficult to achieve in many of the other eBook formats, and many formatting services will not even accept poetry books for reformatting into Kindle format.
  2. Recipe books – These books usually require both the inclusion of images and unique formatting of the recipe ingredients. Including images in Kindle or Nook formatting can be challenging and not always included in the price offered by an eBook conversion service. With a pdf file, this is no problem at all.
  3. Howto books – Instructional books can be related to almost any subject under the sun. Take advantage of your life experience and share your know-how in short, pdf eBooks. These can be craft-related, business-related, relationships, using the Internet, mechanics, survival guides, sports, hunting, fishing; the list could go on forever!
  4. Short Stories & Novellas – If your creative writing falls in the realm of short stories or novellas, pdf eBooks can be a great way to self-publish and get your work out there. These shorter pieces are becoming very popular as downloads for readers who prefer quick reads.
  5. Fiction and Non-fiction – You’ll find autobiographical books, mysteries, memoir, theology, romance, devotional, science fiction and children’s books, all being sold in pdf format.

Secure Sales and Delivery

The other great thing about selling eBooks in pdf format is the fact that there are services available that enable you to sell your eBook files safely and securely. PayLoadz.com, for instance, provides a service that allows you to sell your eBooks anywhere on the Internet – your website, Facebook page or even via email. All you have to do is upload your product file to their service and set your price. They then provide you with a link to post or code for your website that will make it easy for customers to click and buy your eBook. They handle the sales transaction and deposit the funds from the sale into your PayPal account, and then send a secure link that your customer can use to download your eBook. Everything is handled automatically once you have your product setup on their service. They also list your eBook in their e-store to assist you in reaching a wider audience.

If you’re looking for one more way to earn money as a freelance writer, check out pdf eBooks as a means to create an ongoing revenue stream for your business.




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  1. MJKizer Avatar

    Will using the pdf format put limitations on the size of the book? I ask this because I have had problems receiving pdf files sent to my email. The sender would have to break the file down into pieces because the download would time out before the whole document was received.
    Thank you for the article. I have been interested in offering ebooks in my business, so the information you have shared is very helpful.

  2. John Wheeler Avatar

    Just finished my e-book and now I am thinking about selling it. Thanks a lot for sharing this quick an easy way to sell ebooks, I really liked it especially the topic about secure sales and delivery. Helpful!

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