For The New Year’s Day Dream Makers

I had planned on taking the rest of the week off. Normally, I post on Tuesday and Thursdays, but Christmas and New Year’s this year I gave myself the Thursday before each holiday off. Then this morning I woke up with a memory:

Years ago on New Year’s Day I was sick, had the day off from work and was researching information for the beauty and fashion column I wrote for a friend’s site. It was a fun thing I did on the side, but while researching I came across the term “freelance writer.” I realized there were people out there writing full-time from home and earning a decent income to boot. I decided right then to become one of them. I spent the next few days on research and few months later I quit my job and went into freelancing full-time. I was one of those New Year’s Day resolution/goal makers.

So for those of you who have decided today is the day, I wanted to drop by and offer encouragement and my favorite posts from FWJ on getting started:

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