Happy National Grammar Day! Are You a Grammar Troll?

national grammar day infographic

Rejoice, members of the Grammar Police. It’s your day today. Let’s hereby declare that you can correct anyone – online and offline – without repercussions. Of course, those you correct may disagree, but who cares? It’s National Grammar Day today.

In honor of this momentous occasion, Grammarly did a study to profile a Grammar Troll.

What’s a Grammar Troll?

It’s a person who replies to comments solely for the purpose of correcting other people’s grammar (or punctuation or word usage). Now, let’s be clear – a Grammar Troll is not the same as a Grammar Nazi. The latter has no inhibitions, nitpicks, and corrects for the sake of correcting and irritating others. When he can’t win an argument, he resorts to correcting grammar (oops!).

Let me stop right here and ask you to think for a moment. Are you a Grammar Troll?

Not sure?

Here’s the result of Grammarly’s Grammar Troll study.

national grammar day

And here’s a bit of video fun.

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