How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

I found this today while I was browsing YouTube. It was created by the folks behind Daily Writing Jobs, and I find it very useful, especially for beginners. The “Write for Us” tip worked for me several years ago. Hope it works for you too!


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  1. Heiddi Avatar

    Hi Deb,

    Thanks so much for posting this. I took notes while I watched the video and found it to be amazing. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks again.

  2. Raechel Avatar

    Great video, thanks for sharing! I started trying these tips before the video was even over, it works very well.

  3. Bobbi C Avatar
    Bobbi C

    Great tips–especially using the “intitle” operator for Google searches.

  4. Lori Avatar

    Thank you for the step by step instructions. Very helpful for getting started!

  5. Misty Avatar

    Trusting someone who claims to be a writer, yet calls quotation marks ‘parantheses” makes me a little nervous, but I will give it a try.

  6. Michael Rochelle Avatar

    As noted in the other comments, the video was very helpful. However, it makes me feel a little bad that after all this time, I hadn’t thought of this step myself. Oops.

  7. Mary Avatar

    Great video and very useful info. I made notes during it and am going to do a few searches now.


  8. Amy Lynn Avatar
    Amy Lynn

    Excellent Video! Thanks for posting it.

  9. .Kim Sisto Robinson Avatar

    Finally! Something to narrow down the ‘writing jobs” out there. Loved the video. 9 minutes that could change my job-situation! Thanks.

  10. Jenny B Avatar
    Jenny B

    Hi Deb,

    Great suggestions. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  11. Cheril Vernon Avatar

    I agree, good idea.

  12. Joshua C. Farley Avatar
    Joshua C. Farley

    Very well put together! Thank you, tremendously!

  13. Gina-Marie Cheeseman Avatar

    I’m excited to try it out!

  14. Charlina Avatar

    Great tips.

  15. Anna Avatar

    Good video. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Creative Freelance Writers Avatar

    Thanks for posting this video. I agree with Bobbi. The “intitle” suggestions are great. It seems so simple now. =)

  17. Pat Avatar

    Good thing this guy doesn’t do any actual voice work. However, I did feel that this video was very informative as well as very helpful.

  18. Bridget Deehr Avatar

    Thank you very much for posting the video here! This info is useful to better navigate search engines which is great.

  19. Citygal Avatar

    Thanks for posting this helpful info, Deborah! Much appreciate your taking the time to do that for us!!

  20. Haasim Avatar

    Great advice. This tip got me thinking about being more proactive and lead to a paid assignment.

    So I’d like to share a tip of my own: Whenever you read an enjoyable article google the author and find out where else they have been published. There a good chance that a publication they have worked for is right up your alley. It worked for me.

  21. Layla Avatar

    This really is amazing! I tried all of the techniques mentioned in the video and found a legitimate writing job within 15 minutes! I simply wrote to the editor, she wrote back and I now have a paid assignment.

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