Infographic Resumes for Freelance Writers: Use Words and Images to Attract Clients


In the right circumstances, infographic resumes – using words and images to convey to a potential client who a freelancer is and what he or she can do for them – can be a wonderful way to get a potential client to sit up and take notice. If you are going to go this route, you’ll want to make sure that you are using this tool in a manner that presents your skills and abilities in the best possible way.

Just like a standard resume, an infographic one is your calling card for a potential client. If you are working remotely, you may never physically meet the people you are working with or even hear their voice. You’ll need to rely on your resume and the tone of your e-mail communication to tell the client everything they need to know about you so that they can make a decision about whether you are the right person for the gig. That may seem like a tall order, but you should take the time to consider whether this style is a good fit for you before taking the time to create one.

Is an Infographic Resume Right for You?

An infographic resume is just another resume style, and it may not be a good fit for all freelance writers. How do you know whether you should consider making an infographic to submit to prospective clients? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you have at least a few years of freelance experience under your belt?

This resume style is probably not the best choice for newbies. It’s about showing clients what you have done and the projects you have worked on. Once you have developed a track record, you can work on developing your infographic. Until that point, a standard resume is probably your better bet, since you can point to your prior education and experience in specific industries as a reason for clients to consider you for gigs.

Have you worked with well-known clients?

The person reviewing the infographic may not be impressed with names of local businesses, no matter how loyal they have been to you. However, if you have done work for nationally-recognized brands, you’ll want to share them on your infographic resume. The client will be able to pick their names out easily and you will stand out as a candidate who has the experience to handle bigger, more complex assignments.

Have you worked on several types of writing projects?

If your writing background is varied, it can be too complicated to explain your experience in a standard resume. Showing the types of projects you have worked on in a list, diagram, graph or other type of image may be a better way to explain what you can do for a potential client.


How to Create an Effective Infographic Resume

1. Make it Easy for the Reader to Understand

Make sure that the reader can clearly pick out your name and contact information (so he or she can reach out to talk to you about a gig). Other important facts, like your education, work history (for employers and freelance) and your special skills, should be easy to find.

2. Tell Your Story in a Logical Manner

The infographic resume should have a logical flow to it. When you review the content, does one section logically flow into the next? If not, you’ll need to do some polishing on the content until it has a better feel to it.

3. Choose your Colors Carefully

There are many color options to choose from, but you don’t want to distract the reader. When in doubt, stick to something simple. You will want to choose something that reflects your personality, but is still easy to read. Blue, brown, black and white are all good basic choices. You can experiment with green, grey, or even purple if you like.

4. Keep your Design Simple

Decide on the most important information you want to convey to a potential client with your infographic and make sure that it is covered. Don’t try to jam too much information into this medium, or you will overwhelm your reader. It’s not meant to be a meaty document, but rather to make the client want to get in touch so that he or she can get to know more about you.

Here are some examples of infographic resume styles you can check out online:

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