Ridiculous Freelance Writing Ad of the Week – Cheap Bastard Double Feature

Just in case you don’t want to take the time to read this ad, I’ll go ahead and paraphrase it for you:

Hi, I’m cheap, can’t use spell check, and want you to embody the ethics I don’t have.  While I don’t have time to haggle for more than $2 an article, I have plenty of time to run your work through “every possible paid software there is.”

Hi all, Please read the directiions carefully before applying and make sure you can meet all of them.

– I need content for my sites, which should be around 500 words or so(per article).
– Pay per article is $2 per arrticle to start and will be increased with time.
– Please do not submit proposals over $2, since I do not have the time and patience to bargain.
– The articles will be put through every possible paid software there is and I will be more than happy to send you the screenshots of the same for your referen

Please submit samples of your work and let me know the realistic amount of articles you can submit per week.

Thank you!

Of course, if you’d rather go for quantity, this employer is looking for someone who can write 15 articles a day for a dollar each.  Don’t worry, though, as long as you “are really good,” you might get bonuses, so I’m sure it’s all worth it in the end, right?

Hi, i need a writer who can write 15×300 words articles each day. I need a someone that i can trust and that will make 100% original articles , no spelling errors and that can meet dead-lines. The price is 1$ for each article, but I can raise the rate if you are really good. If the articles are very good I will give you bonuses. Please bid if you can start working ASAP. Thanks!







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  1. scalet05 Avatar

    Your posts always make me laugh! =)

  2. Toya Avatar

    I’m seeing more and more opps like this. Do these people not realize how much time and effort we put into getting our talents on to paper? These rates are just ridiculous. We could fill a page with lorem ipsum and get more than $1 per article :\
    .-= Toya´s last blog ..Playing to Pedophiles: Is Society saying No when they Really mean Yes? =-.

  3. Kathryn Avatar

    Ahh, but you’re too kind, Lorna. These people aren’t cheap. They’re exploitive thieves.

    But, who am I to criticize the decisions of their many, willing victims? In fact, I may be the one who’s completely out of touch, living in the last century with all those antiquated notions about fair pay. I’ve probably been paying needlessly high fees for just about everything I contract for. What a sucker! Well, that changes now, starting with this help-wanted ad:

    I need good fast exprienced elictriciian for to rewire houuse for $2. Xtra $.002 if you can make good plumming or rooffing. Must have own tools and matreials.

  4. Dani Alexis Avatar

    My stock response to these ads is “HAHA NO.” Of course, I started business as a one-woman law firm, where the Golden Rule is “if the choice is “do the work and not get paid” or “don’t do the work and not get paid,” always choose the latter.” $2 per post? Not getting paid.
    .-= Dani Alexis´s last blog ..Law: An Introduction to Sarbanes-Oxley =-.

  5. Erik Hare Avatar

    You may feel a need to read this person the Riot Act (a wonderful old Midwestern expression), but I’d suggest reading to them the 13th Amendment to the Constitution – the one that outlawed slavery. It’s still a good idea after all these years, IMHO.

  6. Shell Avatar

    Why do these kind of ads always make it sound like they are doing the writer a favor…Oh please, what kind of people are they?! TIGHT.

  7. Shell Avatar

    Ridiculous! I wish someone would put ads like this through the highest paid software and sift them out. Seriously, I think that’s what is needed to stop people like this taking advantage of and insulting writers.

  8. Rob Avatar

    I was just sent an offer for freelance work by freelance.co.uk. I was really quite impressed by the spectacular cheek of it.

    “I’m looking for 10 x 300 word original, unique articles. This is a test project where I am looking for good writers that are reliable as my writing needs will be ongoing. The articles will be divided among various topics, including but not limited to, toys, weddings and home. The pay is £1.30 per article.

    I’m looking for correct English grammar and spelling and will not accept articles that I would have to edit heavily before use. Writers should have English as their first language (preferably mother tongue). Please provide an example of your work when replying – preferably on one of the broad topics – as well as a time frame for delivery, which would ideally be one week or less.

    Each article MUST pass Copyscape and spun articles will definitely not be accepted. Articles must also be unique from each other.

    The articles don’t have to be complex or incredibly interesting but should read naturally and contain at least three information points. Somebody with an interest in or knowledge of the subject should not be able to dismiss the content as rubbish so they must be fully researched.

    I will provide 10 keywords and the articles must be written so that they bear relation to the keyword.”

    £1.30 is around two US dollars, by the way. I’m tempted to apply, so I can get contact details of the advertiser – and then tell them where to stick it.

  9. ryan Avatar

    It really is too bad that so many businesses offer rates like this. You end up with so many people taking the jobs out of desperation or because they don’t need much money and it makes the whole thing more sustainable.
    .-= ryan´s last blog ..7 Quick steps to get thousands of Twitter Followers =-.

  10. Lorna Doone Brewer Avatar
    Lorna Doone Brewer

    Thanks so much for all of your great comments.

    Hey, Rob. When you (or any of the rest of you) come across ads like that, feel free to forward them to me, and maybe they’ll end up being featured as the Most Ridiculous Freelance Ad of the Week.

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