The History of RSS Readers

RSS, or Rich Site Summary, has become such an integral part of people’s online lives. For those who consume a lot of content over a wide range of topics, RSS readers are essential to staying sane. With Google Reader’s recent demise, more apps have surfaced to meet the need.

Perhaps the average user does not go deeper than finding a useful reader that will answer his needs – a nice design is part of that, of course. More important, though, is how the reader curates and presents information that is timely and relevant to the reader.

For those who want to go even deeper, we have an infographic that details the history of RSS readers. More than looking at how the concept began, the infographic also highlights the major players of the game. Whether you have been reliant on Google Reader in the past and you’re looking for a replacement, or you are merely starting out and looking for your first reader, this infographic can also point you in the right direction.


This infographic is brought to you by SNATZ, a new newsreader that caters specifically to those interested in catching the freshest and most relevant tech news.





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